Sunday, February 13, 2011

Eye Spy

Greetings good citizen,

Just finished reading Frank Rich’s piece for this week and now I don’t feel so bad. If a nationally read, er, ‘critic’ like him can complain about our absent ‘Justice System’ (and nothing changes) I shouldn’t beat myself up for failing at the same task.

Individually, none of you should beat yourself up for failing to, er, ‘protest’ the degenerate condition of our public institutions.

There is absolutely nothing any of you can do about it…alone.

You know the tune…

“United we stand, divided we fall”

So what does this tell us about the most recent display of ‘public unity’?

The Republican’s would simply love it if we ‘protested’ the government they are largely responsible for on Obama’s watch. (That said, I have serious doubts that Mr. Obama is anybody’s idea of a Democrat or if ANYONE running for public office even has the slightest clue what it means to be a champion of the working class. Neither Clinton had a clue.)

Or as Dylan famously pointed out, a ‘working class hero is something you eat.’

Anyway, what do you suppose the Egyptians will get for their, er, ‘tenacity’?

Right beneath Mr. Rich’s commentary today we had both, er, ‘neo-con’ commentators cheering on the outbreak of Democracy in the Middle East.

What’s wrong with this picture? FUCKING Hosni Mubarack was a DICTATOR put in place BY THE US GOVERNMENT!!!

Why does the corporate owned media choose to ignore this fact?

Could it be due to the unflattering light this situation shines upon ‘fuck you, pay me capitalism?’

Whole societies, er, ‘repressed’ so a few can be rich…

You can understand how this could look ‘bad’ for people who consistently preach that you are the author of your own destiny…

To live a lie you have to do a lot of ignoring of, er, ‘inconvenient facts’.

There’s an old saying that goes ‘when what passes for truth varies too far from the everyday experiences of the common individual, the seeds of revolution are sown.’

Now contrast that with Kruchev’s diatribe on ‘gradualism’ and what have you got?

Does anybody have a firm grip on reality?

Sort of brings us full circle with the issue about the seeds of revolution.

There won’t be a protest never mind a revolt if nobody thinks there’s nothing amiss!

Naturally this leads back to the Overton Window and the ‘science’ behind perception management.

We have (and continue to) let the ‘self-interested’ dictate the terms of the game.

It would be a different story if nobody got hurt (by this manipulation) but that’s not the case.

There have already been 7 million foreclosures and there’s 7 million more waiting to happen.

Which is to slap anybody who even ‘imagines’ that there is EVER going to be ANYTHING that even remotely resembles an ECONOMIC RECOVERY right in their foolish face.

Thus does reality differ significantly from what has been, er, ‘advertised’.

Yet nobody complains.

That’s unfair, there are many people in the blogosphere speaking out about the ‘hypocrisy’ of the Media.

Then there are people like me, closing the loop and hollering about treason…which is precisely what it is.

Brings up another curious point, how the ‘ya-hoos’ who don’t know which end is up are constantly trying to ‘muddy the water’ surrounding the universal understanding of the word.

How sad is it that anyone who objects to (decidedly fascist) conservative values or ideas is guilty (as far as conservatives are concerned) of ‘treason’?

They routinely accuse ‘liberals’ of treason just for being true to their values.

Understand good citizen that ‘treason’ is putting your own interests ahead of the ‘common good’.

It is only natural that conservatives, who routinely ‘self-promote’ would want to ‘re-define’ this term.

Betraying conservative principles, which are decidedly treasonous by themselves, is not if fact treason unless you yourself are a conservative.

Yet these fucktards regularly portray non-conservatives as ‘traitors’.

So when it comes to the media, how much truth do you think there is to the much bemoaned ‘liberal bias’ we keep hearing about in (ironically) the media.

Oh, and the ‘less liberal’ the media outlet is, the more they bitch about it!

So, who the fuck is bitching about the decidedly ‘conservative bias’ that is readily apparent in the corporate owned media?

How does ‘nobody’ hit you?

Even the likes of Frank Rich doesn’t get to, er, ‘criticize’ his own medium.

His stuff has to pass muster with an editor and you can only tug so hard at the curtain of respectability.

Which is to point out that the only ‘free press’ available is right here in front of your eyes.(Not just me, the blogosphere in general.)

Perception management, it’s more pervasive than you think.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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