Friday, February 25, 2011

What do YOU think?

Greetings good citizen,

I am faced with that conundrum faced by ‘the Boy who cried Wolf’, I’ve been predicting the end of civilization for so long , I fear I have exhausted my credibility.

What would YOU take as solid evidence that our capitalistic society has ‘hit the wall’?

Would the current push to strip public union members of their collective bargaining rights be evidence enough or would you need something more ‘convincing’ like this: Providence To Teachers: You're Fired (?)

Laws differ from State to State and apparently the governor of RI doesn’t need to attract unwanted attention to himself like the governor of Wisconsin has, all the governor of RI has to do is instruct the ‘school board’ to FIRE all of the teachers wholesale!

What hits you in the eye here is the question of who on the union negotiating team was asleep at the switch when the State slipped THAT particular provision into the contract?

I guess some places sort of redefine the concept of ‘employee at will’!

I’d guess at least some RI teachers will be blindsided by this outrageous move to ‘balance the budget’.

Then there are the taxpayers themselves…how are their kids supposed to gain entry college if their elementary education is deemed worthless (the schools lose ‘accreditation’ if the teachers aren’t ‘certified’.)

BUT that’s not the government’s problem…once again, it’s YOURS!

The ‘bad news’ here, good citizen, lies in how this is just the tip of the iceberg.

When our public servants learn that they have been screwed out of their hard won benefits…how long do you think ‘civil order’ will last?

Worse, faced with rapidly escalating inflation (masked by most of it occurring in the two segments that ‘don’t count’ in the measurements; food and energy) How long will civil servants tolerate stagnant paychecks (while totally useless bankers and CEO’s reward themselves handsomely just because they can?)

When you can no longer trust the people in charge, civilization collapses.

It’s fucking inevitable.

So, where does this leave us good citizen?

The, er, ‘evisceration’ of our commercial sector coupled with nonsensical tax cutting made the outcome we’re witnessing a certainty.

There was no other possible outcome.

Which says something mighty disturbing about ‘Reaganomics’.

Worse, the wholesale firing of Rhode Island’s teachers which is an outcome of disturbing Republican economic policy. (A balanced budget regardless of the consequences serves no one‘s best interests!)

If we consider the fact that Republican economic policy will inevitably lead to a Banana Republic then it doesn’t matter that our kids will be unable to attend college. The kind of jobs that will be available to them won’t require a lot of smarts.

The disturbing part of this is how the corporate owned media keeps putting Republican politicians in public office when NOBODY votes for them! That’s disturbing.

Well, almost nobody…the dummies know who they are.

The part that makes this so disturbing is the total unnecessity of it all, none of this need be happening!

It literally IS mismanagement caused by a decidedly warped and twisted ideology.

And yeah MINE IS better!

It’s crunch time good citizen, the only thing that comforts me is some of you don’t need me to tell you what you should all be able to see for yourselves.

I give it six months tops before we witness the collapse of civil order.

Once 911 turns into an exercise in futility, I’ll be vindicated.

Which naturally, sends the total wrong message. Some of you may think I want this to happen…and you wouldn’t be 100% wrong in that assumption.

The old shit won’t go away until it is proven to be worthless.

The question at this point in the game is what, if anything, will come out on the other side?

Most of us are probably wondering ‘who’ will make it to see order restored and what the ‘restoration of order’ will look like?

The old ways will die hard and a lot of the new ways are, er, nonsensical…to put it kindly.

I have provided a workable blueprint for what a sustainable social model should look like…but like many things, change is hard.

How hard depends on the stakes.

I’d be willing to try something new if the alternative was extinction…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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