Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Muzzle 'em!

Greetings good citizen,

As you know I will sometimes post on real life, boots on the ground situations as they apply to, er, ‘official rhetoric’, in this case that rhetoric being the greatly exaggerated ‘economic recovery’.

My most recent employer passed away last Thursday, taking my job with him.

Naturally, I am eligible to collect unemployment benefits.

Here it is, almost a week later and I have yet to reach a human at the division of employment and training (what they call ’unemployment’ around here…)

More disturbing is how they ask me to enter my SS number BEFORE transferring my call. You know, that number that will NEVER be used to ‘identify’ you with…

At the moment the State in which I reside is enjoying an unemployment rate that is slightly lower than the national average…

Yet every time I confirm my SS number I am ’automatically’ shunted to the ’call back later’ message!

Which begs the question…has the State been ‘budget cutting’ and my, er, ‘difficulties’ in reaching a claim representative the end result? Or am I witnessing a ‘coincidental’ surge in lay-offs which would account for the current ‘logjam’.

Or are the claims representatives ‘tied up’ with people applying for extended benefits?

Regardless of the answer, none of this is, er, ‘encouraging’.

(I just tried again, no dice.)

I don’t recall being asked to ‘identify’ myself first in the past so this must be a new wrinkle, leading us to wonder what purpose it serves?

As you may suspect, the damn process is ‘bullet-proof’ too, there isn’t a way to reach a human.

But the denial of service has always been the ultimate ‘goal’ of automating one’s communication system.

If you can’t reach anyone your complaint remains unheard.

And when you take the next logical step, the perp goes nuts denying your inability to communicate with them!
But that’s another disturbing hallmark of these ‘times’.

Spending to ‘stonewall’ the delivery of ‘undesirable’ information has become ‘fashionable’ in our ‘who me?’ style of management.

Like almost everything else in the current ‘hooray for me and fuck you capitalism’ this is not the perp’s problem but yours.

Are you beginning to notice how everything is suddenly becoming YOUR problem?

Do you buy the ‘pat’ answer for this phenomenon, that it is due to ‘incompetence’?

Because it’s not…this is ‘what the fuck YOU gonna do about it, chump?’ Right in your face!

This is ‘if you don’t like it sue me’ (knowing all the while that your pockets aren’t deep enough to take them on in court.)

In case you haven’t noticed, the courts no longer have anything to do with meting out justice, it’s all about who has more money and better connections. Justice be damned…

Or worse, Justice for the highest bidder!

Why do you think (most) judges are ‘appointed’?

Perhaps more telling is the number of judges that retain the services of a bodyguard…

Just in case you didn’t get the memo about just how badly broken this nation has become.

Hell, the revelations coming out about the current (bought and paid for) Supreme Court is enough to give you nightmares!

Worse is how these stories are being reported in their own bought and paid for media. The could easily ‘suppress’ these stories if they wanted to but they aren’t. Which raises the question of what the hell are they trying to do, start a revolt?

Well, are they?

What do YOU think the answer is?

Has the ’never gets it right’ media accidentally stumbled on information that WILL transform our government in ways we currently can’t conceive of?

OR are we being manipulated yet again into supporting changes that go against our best interests?

You KNOW the bought and paid for ’corporate media’ is famous for precisely this sort of thing.

Why tell us NOW that our (currently Democratic, if in name only) ’government’ is rotten to the core when they have chosen to ignore this fact during the eight year reign of the worst president ever?

But, naturally, THEY think WE are STUPID!

A point they will continue to re-enforce until WE rip the microphone out of their lying hands (by destroying their stranglehold on the world’s media outlets!)

If ALL they do is lie, we would be no worse the wear to ‘muzzle’ them. The road to sustainability is paved with truth.

How else does 20% of the population masquerade as half of the national will?

Only through media lies.

Worse is the charade that we are ‘divided’ over the cause of the ‘desertification’ of our nation. We all KNOW ‘globalization’ is responsible (and we also know only a tiny minority benefits from this) so the ‘divide’ isn’t nearly the ‘perfect split’ the media pretends it is.


Step two is the restoration of Justice; which will lead to the restoration of ‘relative’ prosperity.

But first things first, first we must muzzle the liars!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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