Monday, January 31, 2011

It's not science, it's politics!

Greetings good citizen,

The past couple of weeks have left me feeling stunned by the brazenness being displayed by the corporate owned media.

I’ve also noticed the gradual ‘adoption’ of the more correct (accurate) term ‘corporate owned’ starting to replace the less definitive term ‘MSM’.

This is an important distinction because the only ones who ‘enjoy’ free speech are the people who ‘own’ the public square.

Which is to point out that there is no such thing as Free Speech, just like there is no such thing as ‘Free Markets.’ Truth be told, you don’t want them to be ‘free’ either!

Recognizing that the boundaries of the market are ambiguous and cannot be determined in an objective way lets us realize that economics is not a science like physics or chemistry, but a political exercise. Free-market economists may want you to believe that the correct boundaries of the market can be scientifically determined, but this is incorrect. If the boundaries of what you are studying cannot be scientifically determined, what you are doing is not a science.

Which is to say ‘economics’ is more politics than anything else.

Worse, it is a…‘system’ where perception management is commonly utilized to confound clarity of vision regarding more practical considerations.

As I pointed out yesterday, if you let the criminals determine what constitutes a crime you will soon find all kinds of criminal activity that is protected ‘by law’.

Which is to point out that much of what the law ‘permits’ is not necessarily in your (or the public-at-larges) interest.

It’s a mighty sobering thought to discover that the people entrusted with protecting your interests have sold you down the river for a campaign contribution…

Makes you wonder just who thought allowing politicians to keep their campaign ‘war chests’ was a ‘good idea’?

You don’t suppose it would be the same people who make a habit of ‘buying’ politicians, do you?

What do you suppose should be done about this decidedly ‘treacherous’ behavior?
These people are screwing the rest of us out of, er, ‘sound government’.

Which is to point out that ‘sound government’ has remained beyond the reach of any who could not ‘afford’ it.

And that is a decidedly damning indictment.

Think of all the people who have been screwed out of receiving the justice they deserve?

And the willfully ignorant corporate owned media has the chutzpah to wonder why ordinary people go on shooting sprees…

All we can deduce from this is that the conventions preventing most of us from killing one another on sight are wearing thinner with each passing day…any nobody needs to wonder why.

For your further consideration, we have this article to put a finer point on how close the landmine our self-professed betters are tap-dancing upon is to detonating…

Stupid is as stupid does…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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