Friday, February 11, 2011

Victory in Egypt

Greetings good citizen,

I didn’t even bother chasing down the report that the stock market ‘liked’ Hosni Mubarak’s, er, ’departure’ from Egyptian politics.

Many observers are ’skeptical’ that replacing Mubarak with the guy who as recently as last week was running the Egyptian equivalent of the CIA, is in fact a ’change’.

My position remains unchanged because 'no matter how you slice it, it come up puppets!'

He may be able to effect some ’cosmetic’ changes to placate his critics but he will find himself curiously ineffective when it comes to upsetting the capitalist’s applecart.

That means no more jobs (than there already aren’t) and no lower food/commodity prices.

So, good citizen, what did our little exercise in peaceful democratic change accomplish?

Mark my words, NOTHING.

Express your, er, ’displeasure’ with the current leadership and you will be rewarded with new (but equally ineffective) leadership!

Now THAT’S ’progress’!

Pretty soon we are going to experience for ourselves what happens when the, er, ‘party’ that’s guiding principle is the ‘ineffectiveness of government‘, leaves a big void where the administration of our society should be.

And guess who’s going to step up to fill that void?

The same assholes who caused this fucking train wreck! The ‘more for me’ (free trade) capitalists!

Given the circumstances on the ground (and their small numbers) I predict a ‘bloodbath’.

People are fed up with the elites grabbing everything that isn’t nailed down and sticking the taxpayer with the tab!

Worse is how perception will become reality, and a lot of innocent people will pay the ultimate price for acts they (personally) had nothing to do with. (But other members of their profession did. It’s the ‘guilt by association thing‘…in spades.)

Sadly, some of them understand the dangerous situation created for them by their, er, ‘peers’ but their astronomical student debt keeps them locked into the only profession that pays them enough to live on.

Oh fucking well!

If we back away and try to take in the Big Picture we are left to wonder just who we can trust?

The media isn’t ‘trustworthy’, neither are the ‘Corporates’ (who are directly responsible for the train wreck.

What about totally irrational Wall Street? Nope, you can’t trust them assholes either.

What about the Justice system? Considering how that fish rotted from the head down, it’s not looking good.

So what’s left? Should we all congregate in the church of our choice and pray to ‘spirit in the sky’ to save us from the predators who no longer claim kinship with us?

Yup, that’s the cruelest cut good citizen, when people finally figure out that Globalization was done ‘to’ them and not ‘for’ them, the Perps will flip from being our champions to what they were originally. They will once again call themselves our betters as they revert to their ‘original’ position, that none of us is ‘worthy’, that we are all weaklings who deserve our fate.

How ironic will it be as they sputter in indignation while we ’frog march ’em to the gallows?’

Yes good citizen, the penalty for treason is death by hanging…

Good to have a starting point in the long sled to restore equality and justice.

I don’t suspect any new social organization will permit the few to fuck the rest of us, not at first, anyway.

It will take a while to re-establish the trust necessary to start functioning as a coherent society again. There’s a good reason not to allow the media to become too consolidated (like the Reagan Republicans did.)

Once you can no longer trust the media, you’re pretty well screwed.

We haven’t been able to trust the media for quite some time now, so the ‘fallout’ from such a situation is likely to be horrendous.

It leads me to conclude that the, er, ‘destruction’ of the media will be the ‘tip of the spear’ as the current corrupt regime is annihilated.

Now, how many of you think I’m just ‘dreaming with my eyes open?

Because (bizarrely) there is a large contingent of people who think the general public is willing to endure endless privation just to preserve the status quo.

While I think those people are batshit crazy!

It is for you to decide which of us is correct…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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