Thursday, February 10, 2011

Eve of Destruction

Greetings good citizen,

It’s probably just me BUT my head tends to explode when I read articles like this

After all, poker is essentially a simplified representation of financial investment in a capitalist society, and the fish are the reckless "speculators" in the broadest sense of that term, which includes most people who adhere to mainstream beliefs about "proper" lifestyle choices in their society. Those of us who are aware of the deeper and more comprehensive trends in our socioeconomic system are the solid players in the poker game of life, and the facts/data that support these trends are our bets. The broad socioeconomic trends that we are currently experiencing in the developed world are pretty clear and straightforward (leaving aside the critical issues of peak oil and climate change):
The financial model of growth in the developed world has run its course and financial assets will be significantly reduced in value over the next few years.

Systematic deleveraging will lead to persistently high unemployment and widespread poverty.

Societal institutions or systems that rely on financial stability will continue to deteriorate at an accelerating pace (education, healthcare, etc.).

States running large fiscal deficits to support their private economies will quickly slide into insolvency and default on ambitious promises to their citizens.

Housing, food and energy will become unaffordable for millions of people as wealth in the form of revenues, investments and savings is rapidly destroyed, and short-term speculative plays in the commodity space fueled by central bank liquidity will only make this dynamic worse.

Political institutions or systems that have exercised power during the unprecedented financial boom will come under an equally unprecedented societal pressure and will most likely be overhauled or completely dismantled.

Okay Skippy, I make it as all out (civil/class) war by bullet point number four. What say you?

The question is just how much, er, ‘dis-function’ can society tolerate before the wheels come flying off?

Yes, certain of the above features will be occurring ‘simultaneously’ and the example ends without addressing the ‘void’ left by the collapsed/overthrown power structure.

Which is to acknowledge that by the time we get to the fourth bullet point, the fifth and sixth will already be happening…and the sad part is we are already past the tipping point.

The ‘exclusions’ created by the third consecutive ‘jobless recovery’ have already doomed our civilization. There can be no ‘starting over’ without first tearing down that which has gone before.

The danger lies in letting the same shit weasels who poisoned the well the first time access to the rebuilding process.

They will deliberately ‘sabotage’ the rebuilding process by asserting their ‘influence’ over vital aspects of the, er, ‘reformed’ society.

But I digress (damn it!)

The important issue to acknowledge is the ‘doomed’ part. We don’t have the tools necessary to fix our ‘runaway’ government because the elite has removed the tool box from our grasp.

(Hell, they poisoned the well too but no need to go there! Why belabor the obvious?)

The question is what can we do to minimized the impact of impending collapse?

I don’t believe it is possible to avert the ‘cleansing’ (that will only muddy the water as both sides ‘one up’ each other.) that will accomplish nothing more than to determine who is in nominal control at any given moment.

Yes good citizen, there will (inexplicably) be ’sides’ even after things fall apart.

Worse, some of those ‘sides’ will be downright bizarre! (Which is to say there will be a surprisingly large contingent of people bent on exterminating the human race) Their goal will be to ‘save the planet’ for its ‘non-sentient’ inhabitants (which they should include themselves as being a part of.)

Sadly, this is why we live in a very screwed up world…because the predators among us emphasize the fact that there’s no ‘I’ in team (and it’s all about them!)

If we are to survive as a species we need to do so as a single, united team (and not as a collection of drones that are exploited by our self-professed ‘betters’.)

How we organize our future society will determine the lot we commit our children to.

But again I digress.

We are, as most of you may realize, in a heap of trouble.

It is my impression that only a fraction of the planets current human population will survive to see the founding of a new, sustainable social model.

Worse, if order isn’t restored within a decade, the devastation may be ‘irreversible’.

Here we face a similar problem faced by our blood-thirsty military, the exploiters among us merely need to survive in order to win.

All they have to do is not get wiped out and it’s ‘game on’ all over again.

If we are to ascend to the next level, we have to put an end to being our own worst enemy.

The human anti-exploitation law, the time has come.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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