Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Unchained, but not yet unleashed...

Greetings good citizen,

Does anybody else find it ‘peculiar’ that the web of foreign dictators propped up by the United States is suddenly, er, ‘collapsing’?

While this looks like ‘blowback’ from the invasion of both Afghanistan and Iraq (widely interpreted in the Muslim world as a resumption of the long dormant crusades) is that really the case?

Yesterday we looked at the, er, ‘thin’ ranks the status quo has to draw upon to maintain its iron grip on the world’s energy supply.

If El Baradai is ‘as good as it gets’ I suspect there will be soon be trouble with a capital ‘T’ in the oil exporting regions of the world.

As I have postulated repeatedly, the true ‘danger’ facing Western civilization is the sudden collapse of the supply lines that bring us the Western way of life.

Will we get a ‘rude awakening/reality check’ in the form of $300 a barrel oil?

Like all things in ‘hooray for me, fuck you capitalism’, we won’t even be given the courtesy of a public service announcement, it will just be ‘fuck you, pay me!’

And some fools will actually try!

Which is to say the ‘point’ behind $300 oil isn’t widespread distribution, it’s pay or die…and they are really telling you if you can’t pay, they don’t care!

If you die, tough! The price is the price.

Sound, er, ‘incredible’?

Ask your self just how ‘far gone’ things are and suddenly it doesn’t look like such a big stretch.

Exactly what I just described has happened repeatedly throughout history.

This perhaps is the scary part, the denial of the lessons of history.

What are the ‘positive attributes’ of a society whose main commercial focus is financial manipulation?

Don’t be embarrassed, I can’t think of any either.

(Mental) show of hands, How many of you think it is time that WE throw off the yoke of our oppressor?
That’s a pretty good showing (although your mental image may vary!)

Which leads us to a second (totally mental) opinion poll.

What do you suppose is going to happen first?

Christ’s return of the collapse of the US government?

Right about now door number #2 is looking far more likely than that of the second coming.

The Republicans are already laying the groundwork for the collapse and takeover of what used to pass for our government.

And only one in five are expected to be ‘happy’ about this unseemly outcome…although they’d be hard pressed to explain why?

Worse, like the Bush presidency, they will soon be claiming that the usurpers are not ‘true conservatives’. (Sadly, nobody knows for sure what precisely makes you a ‘true conservative.’)

But what are ya gonna do?

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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