Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tin foil hat territory

Greetings good citizen,

Plans to, er, ‘murder’ the ‘surplus population’ proceed apace.

Just as being an ‘admirer/advocate’ of capitalism DOESN’T make YOU a capitalist (one who makes their living through the ‘shrewd application’ of capital.)

Neither does pointing out ‘socially unacceptable’ truths mark one as ‘insane’.

Although your continued refusal to so much as ‘entertain’ the very real probability of this outcome casts a certain degree of suspicion upon your own ‘mental stability‘…

As a couple of reports yesterday pointed out, revealing the truth doesn’t make it acceptable, people are quite stubborn when it comes to their beliefs.

Still, if you look past the ‘fluff’(dis-information) the corporate owned media continues to ‘spew’, the truth remains ‘unaltered’.

They are doing their damnedest to paint this as an ‘unintended consequence’ of cost reduction while the exact opposite is true.

They most definitely intend to kill as many of us as possible and ‘intent’ is all it takes in our decidedly ‘overcrowded’ world.

You don’t even need to be a very good ‘detective’ to figure it out either.

Because in the end it will all be blamed on ‘mis-management.’

Just as the ‘financial crisis’ is being blamed on an, er, ‘lack of oversight, compounded by a failure to enforce’ existing regulations.

And not only has no one been accused (never mind arrested) for malfeasance or misappropriation but no one has been, er, ‘terminated’ for failure to do their job. (Although I did hear of some regulators being laid-off when funding for their jobs was cut…)

Think of a crime good citizen, the way a criminal does. In order to ‘get away’ with the crime you have to ‘deter pursuit’, either by running to where you can’t be followed or by giving the victims something else to focus on while you make your escape.

Like a world-wide famine, made worse by willful inaction on climate change (not that there’s really anything we CAN do about it. It took a century to get where we are, we aren’t about to reverse that overnight!)

There is another explanation for our screwed up weather but we’re already dancing dangerously close to tin-foil hat territory, so its best not to go there in the same post.

Yes good citizen a crime has been committed and now the perps are paving their way for a ‘clean’ getaway!

It seems committing the crime involved crippling the Justice system, now getting away with it seems to involve ‘collapsing’ the victim’s prosecutorial bodies.

If the government under which the crime was committed collapses, is it still a crime?

Stupid question, of course it is. Unless you ‘own’ the new government!

Which will be ‘phase two’ of the original crime.

Once again I feel compelled to admonish that just because YOU can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening!

The part that really sucks is now we’re DEEP in tin foil hat territory!

While Sherlock Holmes was a fictional character, his ‘deductive reasoning’ was sound. After eliminating the impossible, the answer lies with in whatever remains.

Have I ever mentioned that immortality would seriously fuck with your head?

Well, screw down your tin-foil hat because I think that’s where I think we’re at!

Again, I’m not telling you what to think, I am merely providing you with something to think about…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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