Monday, February 7, 2011

Piss Poor Planning

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You’d think I’d run out of things to ‘bitch’ about but no, it seems the Corporate owned media has an endless supply.

The part that you should find disturbing is how most of these news items reflect events I predicted would occur more than a year ago…and I ain’t psychic.

You don’t need to be psychic to know that when you throw a brick at a regular pane of glass, it’s going to break.

Um, considering that some of my, er, ‘predictions’ are much more dire than the sudden (but totally foreseeable) return of the global food crisis, you should afraid, very afraid in fact.

Naturally, the Corporate owned media is blaming the ‘usual suspect’, the food cirsis is being blamed on ‘the weather’.

We, as a species, learned the importance of ‘redundancy’ the hard way. Our original ‘hand to mouth’ existence taught us the value of squirreling something away for a time when the harvest went poorly.

How fucking bizarre is it that this hard-earned knowledge has been ‘discarded’ by people who have never experienced hunger?

[hat tip: Some Assembly Required ]

It won't make the Bernanke critics happy, nor will it satisfy those who want to blame the banks and the speculators, but the sad fact is that, per the IMF, the reason there are food shortages and high prices all around the world is that “we've had a huge global harvest failure.” The world is closer to a major famine today than it has been in decades because recent crop failures due to droughts and floods have reduced global food stocks dramatically.

Not too long ago the world had more than seven years worth of grain held in ‘reserve’…BUT it seems SOMEBODY thought it was a ‘good idea’ to sell those reserves off.

And from a ‘profits’ point of view, somebody was right. The grain markets have become extremely, er, ‘sensitive’ to shortages since the reserves were…’done away with.’

This is capitalism at its worst, good citizen. These traitorous fucks are gambling with our civilization just so they can capitalize on what can only be called a ‘man made catastrophe’.

So yeah, a ‘bad harvest’ is only part of the story…the rest is ‘fuck you - pay me!’

This is Scrooge ‘hijacking’ the buyers of corn on Christmas Eve.

The unspoken question here is how many will die due to these bastards evil recklessness?

Shifting gears slightly (for the two are related) we arrive at this little gem: China Eyes U.S. Defense Contracts

Boeing has been unable to deliver on the ‘Dreamliner’ for three years now…why is that? Because the parts made in China don’t fit!

But that shouldn't stop us from pursuing, er, ‘cheaper’ aviation contracts with Chinese vendors!

The question is Where does Piss Poor Planning stop?

Sadly, good citizen, the final destination is you.

I constantly point out how our civilization is mis-managed. How much more proof do you need?

No. 348: Labor Conditions and Revisions
Subscription required February 4th, 2011

• "Recovery" Since April 2010 Just Evaporated
• 500K Payroll Jobs Disappeared in Benchmark Revision
• January Payrolls Were Down 52K But for Upped Bias-Factor
• Unemployment Rate Distorted by Seasonal-Adjustment Crisis
• Unemployment: 9.0% (U.3), 16.1% (U.6), 22.2% (SGS)

Yes, good citizen, your eyes don’t deceive you. The actual employment figure of January SHOULD HAVE BEEN a loss…but, for political reasons, creative accounting was brought into play.

So just like today’s ‘climate related’ food crisis (which is sparking revolts throughout the, er, ‘low food production’ areas of the world) now you know it’s only part of the story!

Piss poor planning by people who couldn’t manage their own suicide is a larger part of the problem.

Think about it for a moment, how many people have to get screwed to make a single billionaire?

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