Monday, February 21, 2011


Greetings good citizen,

As the title implies, the main thrust of tonight’s post is to remind you that time is running out.

While in itself this editorial is not ‘proof’ of any conclusive developments, this article does flag that the, er, ‘situation’ is deteriorating.

In fact, if there were a ‘theme’ to be gleaned from today’s browsing, deterioration would be the most apt descriptor.

The stock markets continue to climb for no rational reason…and it is starting to make the Bulls worry, which should tell us something.

Like we are either measuring the wrong things or we are putting so many ‘qualifiers’ into the data as to render it useless…how sad is it that both statements are true?

Then there’s the ‘showdown’ unfolding in Wisconsin. Has the GOP finally gone off the deep end or (as many of us have speculated) that it will soon no longer matter which ‘party’ you, er, ‘support’.

There will soon only be one party and they won’t bother asking you how you ‘feel’ about how they handle things. (Not that this will be a ‘big change’ from the way things are currently done.)

How ironic is it that the sudden outbreak of, er, ‘democracy’ in the Middle East has revealed the ‘totalitarian’ nature of faux democracy administered under corporate rule?

Which is to point out how the ‘Guardians of Democracy’ have ‘somehow’ landed on the payroll of the very people they are supposed to be ‘protecting’ us from…

How sad is it that this could have been foreseen by the founders?

It actually WAS but this comes full circle to the only ‘real’ protection our democracy ever had and that was to ensure the election of ‘men both good and true’.

How long do you think THAT lasted?

Given the givens, it failed right out of the box! Washington as much as admitted that if the public learned what the (then elite) was up to (with the Constitution) they would all have been hung for treason!

How ironic is it that this is still the case?

As I have stated before, good citizen, it is no longer a question of ‘IF’ but WHEN?
Note the number of ‘ticks’ I used…then next similarly titled post will have fewer.

If this blog were to have a purpose (besides providing a workable alternative to the current travesty we suffer under) it is a sort of ‘doomsday clock’ ticking off the days until the destruction of our civilization.

Which I have provided ample evidence that the criminals currently in charge intend to do if only as a way to escape prosecution for their crimes.

It’s not about the money (which will soon be no good.) It’s about capital punishment.

Anyway, it’s ‘time to worry’ when nationally recognized pundits start to point out how badly broken our nation really is…

This goes way beyond ‘politics’…most of us will only get to ‘discuss’ this among ourselves…AFTER it is too late.

Isn’t it time for a system that puts the Laws we all must live under beyond the reach of the self-interested?

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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