Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Click, click, BOOM!

Greetings good citizen,

As our civilization makes its final sprint for the edge of the cliff, more and more commentators are jumping on the ‘end of the line’ bandwagon.

Conspicuous by their absence are the End Timers (although I readily admit to not ‘monitoring’ the religious right…probably due to my being an atheist.)

This is probably because none of the ‘predictions’ in the Bible that herald ’the end of days’ has come to pass…well, depends on how much you want to ‘stretch’ things.

Back in the early seventies there was quite a disturbance caused by the dire consequences of what was then termed as ‘the population explosion’.

Bizarrely, like civil defense, all of that was discredited and dismissed as a ‘fad’, a platform for crazy people seeking attention. The reality here was that Malthaus has finally been ‘vindicated’ and that by 2050 our planet could be 'unrecognizable'.

Which is NOT to imply that we can endure 40 more years of this bullshit. We will be extremely lucky if we can hold it together for 40 more WEEKS!

Worse, forty more DAYS may bring once unthinkable changes.

It’s always been a numbers game good citizen so the gross mismanagement of our civilization sure isn’t helping matters.

Worse, an unequal, greed based economic system will push what passes for ‘civilization’ over the edge…in fact, it is already too late.

The ‘looting’ we have witnessed as the criminals have attempted to ‘save’ the financial sector (for themselves) is all of the evidence we need that our civilization has crashed and is currently burning to a crisp.

This, er, ‘theft’ is totally useless but they do it anyway…if only to prevent anyone else from grabbing/taking advantage of the situation.

Which is to pint out that they who have more than they know what to do with do not view what they’re doing as ‘theft’, it is denying resources to the ‘enemy’.

Do you know ‘who’, precisely that ‘enemy’ is?

If you have a mirror handy you can see this enemy for yourself…

THIS is what happens when society…‘forgets’ the purpose of commerce.

Commerce exists to enrich society, not to enrich the ‘owners of commerce’, who are in fact, all of us! (This is why you need to secure ‘permission’ to open and operate a business in any developed country!) It is this fact that makes the, er, ‘legal owners’ of commerce guilty of treason (and that’s only the beginning of the charges against them!)

How lucky is it for them that it is looking highly unlikely they will ever be prosecuted?

Although I’m willing to bet that more than just the ‘hindmost’ will be on the receiving end of some, er, ‘righteous retribution’.

As I predicted a few posts ago, capitalists have already insured that they will be hunted globally like Nazis.

More than a few of them will end up with a price on their heads…

Which is to point out that most of these criminals will never see a courtroom nor will a jury ever hear the case against them…most of them will be ‘strung up’ right where they are ultimately captured.

Which should serve as a warning that even the appearance of wealth will be enough to damn you once civilization comes ‘undone’.

So be extremely careful of what you ‘commandeer’.

Most of the ‘very wealthy’ will escape to sea and, being who they are, will immediately start ‘preying’ upon one another.

They can’t help it, it is how they are ‘wired’.

How ironic is it that these self-styled predators are incapable of either of humanities greatest skills, ‘cooperation and teamwork’?

Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone?

While this realization is vaguely ‘comforting’ it is also a disturbing indictment of the laxness permitted in our decision making process.

These people really should have been prevented from seizing power.

Unfortunately, this will require a much higher level of honesty than we are currently capable of.
It can be done, it just won’t be ‘easy’.

What you see collapsing all around you was ‘easy’…probably too easy.

Rebuilding will be difficult, partly because old habits die hard.

We need to be vigilant when we engineer the building blocks of our new, sustainable society. We MUST ignore those who would put their own interests/desires ahead of the common good.

Truth be told good citizen, we MUST criminalize the act of putting your own interests ahead of the interests of society, what is and always has been ‘treason’.

Which is to point out that what’s ‘wrong’ with our civilization has always been ‘illegal’, it is the law (more succinctly, those elected to uphold the law) who have failed.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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