Monday, February 14, 2011

Stupid is as stupid does...

Greetings good citizen,

I’m sure none of you would be surprised if I admitted to mentally titling all of my posts lately with ‘stupid is as stupid does!’

For example:
SEATTLE — Few believed the housing market here would ever collapse. Now they wonder if it will ever stop slumping.

It is more than somewhat ironic to find this post on the very same day…

What do these two posts have in common?

They are both indications of our nearly depleted ‘customer base’ (which Ilargi is calling a ‘Ponzi scheme’.)

It isn’t particularly helpful to point out that capitalism is riddled with ‘Ponzi schemes’ (for the express purpose of ‘swindling’ the public.)

As our ‘economic desert’ grows, no one should be surprised that our public institutions are ‘failing’ left and right.

It is a ‘design flaw’ that has finally caught up to the ‘more for me’ crowd.

Worse, it has been treated as an ‘insiders secret’ for years (if not centuries! Although most of the time it doesn‘t last that long)

Two things I’ve been saying right along: One, the situation CAN’T be fixed, the tools don’t exist and Two, we’re past ‘the point of no return’, the current system is both screwed and doomed or ‘scroomed’ if you like.

What does this mean to you?

Well, your, er, ‘average’ pundit would use this as an opportunity to sell you gold (or to offer to buy you’re ‘unwanted’ gold for a fraction of its fair market value.)

Me, I don’t have one of those axes to grind (my motives are even more sinister…)

I want you to get behind putting an end to all of these rip-offs!

How ironic is it that some of you don’t want to see the scam artists suffer?

Hard to determine what is more disturbing, that ‘Heaven’ is the original ‘gated community’ or the widespread belief that you have to ‘buy’ your way in?

Worse, what many of you count as Christian values are precisely the sort of thing ‘Spirit in the Sky’ openly condemns!

Like ‘turning the other cheek’ (while millions suffer.)

Remaining mute while your neighbors are robbed of their livelihoods by rapacious capitalists.

Doing nothing while bankers reward themselves lavishly for turning people out of their homes…

Face it good citizen, most of them so-called Christians are goin’ to Hell!

Not that any of the other, er, religions are going to fair any better come dirt nap time.

I only bring this up because many people turn a blind eye to the here and now in hopes of building their personal ‘mansion in the sky’.

How fucking bizarre is it to be able to point to the genius behind these widespread beliefs (that retribution is ‘assured’ after death) while nobody scoffs at the idea!

(Now we’re back to the title of this piece!)

Brings us full circle to ‘useful idiots’ but I digress.

What’s the bottom line here good citizen?

A ‘vortex’ of interest payments is steadily sucking ALL of the ‘working capital’ out of our fucked up operating system and the only way to stop it is to put an end to the ‘fuck you, pay me’ system!

Literally, flip ‘em all the bird. They’ve already wrung more than they deserve out of the impoverished masses.

They’ll never collect on the gargantuan, fabricated amounts they are allegedly owed.

So, do we exist to enrich the ‘owners’ of our collective resources or do we exist to insure equality and justice for all?

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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