Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fools (not)

Greetings good citizen,

Since the NY Times is ‘reining in’ the number of articles you can click on in a month by half, I will be utilizing, er, ‘alternative sources’ to base my ‘current events’ themed posts upon.

While the NY Times has a tantalizing article on the now ridiculous (bordering on absurd) collapse of the ‘debt ceiling deal’…I mean WHO DIDN’T see that one coming?

I chose to scrutinize Alternet for something more relevant.

First up was rehash of the controversial practice of allowing the privileged to buy their way through security check-points.

But that’s ‘old news’ too…

Did I mention that the Media’s default setting was stony silence? They’d really prefer to tell you nothing and let you guess what’s going on (as evidenced by all of the half-cocked conservatives running around spewing partial digested speculation as fact wherever they go.)

Which leads us to our story on the burgeoning ‘Big Brother’ that has risen up behind us, watching our every move.

Crime in Los Angeles is a gritty enterprise, and donning an LAPD badge has historically involved getting your hands dirty. Long before the New York Police Department was spying on Muslim students, the LAPD was running a large-scale domestic spy operation in the 1970s and ’80s, snooping on and infiltrating more than 200 political, labor and civic organizations including the office of then Mayor Tom Bradley. Today, the LAPD isn’t quite so aggressive, but it still employs a directive titled Special Order 1, which permits police officers to deem what is “suspicious” and then act on it.

SO 1 enables LAPD officers to file Suspicious Activity Reports on observed behaviors or activities. Where things get murky, however, is how SAR guidelines categorize constitutionally protected, non-criminal and commonplace activities such as using binoculars, snapping photographs and taking notes as indicators of terrorism-related activity. The SARs are coupled with the LAPD’s iWatch program, a campaign the police pioneered to encourage regular citizens to report “suspicious” activity, including “a person wearing clothes that are too big or too hot for the weather,” or things that just plain old don’t “look right.”

So you serial killers out there, your days are numbered!

Or so one would think if this article were to be believed.

Worse, there has even been numerous ‘satires’ based on this exact premise…

The ever watchful eye of the police being so ‘focused’ on ‘suspicious activity’ that they ignore blatant criminal behavior occurring right under their noses!

Oh, and let’s not forget the rampant criminality that is routinely ignored in the, er, ‘management’ of our society!

While the article sounds the alarm claxon over the pervasive ‘invasion’ of your ‘privacy’ it totally ignores the real reason for concern, what we should all be shitting Twinkies about and that is the ‘steam-rolling’ of what’s left of our ‘rights’!

If we were to back up a few steps we would see that the very people claiming to ‘defend’ your rights are the ones bent on stripping them from you by utterly destroying the ‘rule of law’.

(Which they want to replace with the rule of man, ‘their man’ to be specific.)

How did we get here, good citizen?

We, er, ‘blinked’…and that was all it took for the, er, ‘privileged’ (who are already criminally inclined) to ‘commandeer’ our justice system and turn it to their own ends.

Don’t YOU blink, good citizen, this all goes hand in hand with all ‘money’ being ‘funny’.

Our ‘justice system’ was bought with what in essence are counterfeit dollars.

How fucked up is it good citizen that the criminals in charge only want a ‘justice system’ that protects what THEY STOLE FROM US!

The rest of us can go suck rocks!

You want ‘justice’ good citizen, the > One Percent says, “go buy your own!”

And here we sit, crying over our ‘lost’ rights.

Or worse, warning each other that our pretty much imaginary at this point ‘constitutional protections’ are ‘in danger’.

The part I find most disturbing, good citizen is how if ANY of these recurring articles go as far as to suggest what we might DO about these, er, ‘fiat accomplis’ (Done Deals) is to ‘vote for change’.

Let us consider for a moment just how ‘successful’ this has been over the past two hundred and forty years…

Now tell me good citizen, just WHO is STUPID ENOUGH to think it will ‘work’ this time?

Being gracious, I suspect even the knothead who writes those ‘safely legal’ admonitions doesn’t believe they stand a chance.

Writers these days pen ‘useless’ solutions in order to avoid being put on a government ‘watch list’, not that it helps. Just appearing/commenting on certain pages is enough to damn you. (which explains why I get almost NO comments….but that’s okay!)

Speaking of which, no one has ‘volunteered’ to write a guest piece for these pages…but that would be counterintuitive, considering it’s a personal blog.

With that said, thank you for letting me inside your head,


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