Monday, April 2, 2012


Greetings good citizen,

Um, it’s more disturbing than anything else to see the markets (around the freaking world, the ones that are still open anyway) do a near vertical take-off that coincides roughly with the opening bell of the NYSE. (Nothing says ‘rigged’ like concerted action that is otherwise inexplicable!)

But you knew that, so I won’t waste any more time on the subject.

Today’s offering is a ‘sign’ that first reappeared last year…I say ‘re-appeared’ because ‘sympathy strikes weren’t always ‘illegal’.

Our corporate overlords got (their) government to ban ‘sympathy strikes’ because the Teamsters would inevitably go out ‘in sympathy’ with any major employee group.

Under the rubic of ‘endangering the national infrastructure’ they passed legislation to prohibit sympathy strikes in general!

And you see today the ‘end result’ of this legal dodging. Proof that United we stand, divided we fall!

Strikes that used to be settled quickly (because if you didn’t settle a strike quickly it would soon go national.) suddenly dragged on for weeks and months. In some cases they even resulted in lockouts…

And where was ‘our’ fucking government then?

Worse, the, er, prohibition against striking in sympathy (there were whopping fines that enforced this ban) meant there wasn't anybody (read union local) willing to strike in protest over their jobs being sent overseas.

And now here we are, the citizens of a ‘hollow land’, begging for scraps from our corporate overlords.

So what are we to make of this sudden resurgence of unity in the face of adversity?

Teamsters in Alabama went on strike against a giant garbage company--and in Seattle, New York and Ohio, workers joined them in solidarity, in a move that's usually illegal.

Is the answer as simple as the ‘fines’ that were once stiff enough to choke a horse (intended to drain a typical union emergency fund dry in a few days!) are now ‘chicken feed.’ Or have the few remaining unions seen the writing on the wall and decided to (valiantly) die on their feet rather than fade away into irrelevance on their knees?

I think the ‘wimps’ who sold the rest of us out were ultimately forced out of the union leadership across the nation and a new, more militant breed has taken their place!

Sadly it will take decades to ‘organize’ what remains of the civilian workforce…and we will unlikely regain our industrial workforce without a revolution that dissolves corporate charters everywhere!

I lived through the shameful time where the Union rep would stand before us wringing his hands and patiently explain that there was nothing the union could do, the company had the government on their side!

Which is a little fucked up considering WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT!

Ironic how the weasels who make decisions in our name without ever consulting us work directly for the fucking corporations!

How nice it must be to draw a paycheck for performing the public’s work on one hand and watching your campaign war chest being filled by the very people you’re supposed to be protecting the folks who elected you from!

Why NONE of these snakes has been hung for treason remains a mystery…just like the (irrationally) rising stock markets.

Which is to ask what do you do when you see criminal activity occurring right before your very eyes?

How fucking sad is it that the answer is ‘nothing’ it’s not your job.

Yup, the answer is ‘not my job man. It’s not what I get paid to do.’

How sad is it that you are basically being paid to fuck yourself six ways to Sunday?

Let’s start with the 45% of the HOUSEHOLDS (not individuals) who receive some form of government ‘food assistance’.

How long can our civilization last, picking up the slack for fucking employers who refuse to pay YOU enough so YOU can feed yourself?

How the fuck long can that go on?

Did I mention that our social model, the way things are ‘supposed’ to work is FUBAR?

(That means 'Fucked Up Beyond All Repair' for you youngsters who don’t get WWII slang.)

The old folks knew the score but they were too chicken-shit to do what needs doing. That’s why, nearly a hundred years later we are standing in the exact same place where they stood…


Let me assure you, it ain’t gonna happen this time.

This time there will be blood.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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