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Same old, same old despite the cheerleading by the clueless Corporate owned media:
Stocks Trade Sharply Lower

Wall Street stocks opened down about 1 percent, despite good private sector payrolls data, as investors digested information suggesting further monetary stimulus action is unlikely from the Fed.

That little ‘nutshell’ does a far more effective job of explaining the inexplicable than I ever will.

Although you should note the sharp dump is being attributed to the, er, ‘feared end’ of the monetary stimulus that has been keeping the ‘pirate economy’ running for the past four years…

Har me bucko! You think it’s time we make the lubbers walk the plank?

Well, good citizen, if this story of ‘judicial overreach’ is any indication it sure as hell is time for something.

And dozens of women who described an ordeal of unwanted and aggressive sexual conduct may receive no compensation for lost wages or emotional distress because of judicial criticism of the agency's investigation.

A February ruling in the case sets a new standard for workplace class-action lawsuits in the federal court district that includes Iowa, Arkansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Nebraska and the Dakotas. Before filing a lawsuit on behalf of employees alleging similar discrimination, the agency will first have to investigate the merits of every worker's claim and attempt to reach settlements. If the agency doesn't, EEOC risks having the case dismissed.

The agency has argued that such a standard is impractical in cases involving hundreds or thousands of potential victims. At a minimum, the agency says, investigations would take longer and delay relief compared to other regions, where class-action cases can be filed with a lower standard. EEOC has a deadline next week to determine whether to appeal.

Um, just so you’ll know there are NO judges (and no provisions for them under A Simple Plan, THE PEOPLE (ALL OF THEM) are ‘the law’.)

Not some stuffed shirt who is so full of himself that he forgets where his authority comes from!

In fact that is something I have always found ‘disturbing’ about our borrowed ‘English’ legal system. The judge’s role is rather a contrived one, very much like the role of the ‘owner’ under capitalism.

In fact, to make matters even more disturbing, I am sure most of you are aware that you needn’t have a law degree or a degree in anything at all to become a ‘judge’.

These mostly appointed positions (although some places weirdly ‘elect’ their judges, dunno what’s up with that because it sure don’t solve the problem!) become the arbiters of what is and isn’t ‘permissible’ in their courtrooms.

Worse, this stuffed shirt gets to tell ‘a jury of your peers’ what evidence they can consider and should use to base their decision on…and you are forbidden to protest this.

So a ‘judge’ is oh so much more than an ‘impartial referee’.

And now these female recruits are going to get the shaft because somebody in the trucking company has ‘the judges ear’?

Oh no! It would never be anything like that!

It, as the corporate owned media explains, is the ‘shoddy nature’ of the investigation that is the issue here.


There’s another item in today’s news about some federal appellate judge ‘taking issue’ with the President’s comments regarding ‘judicial over-reach’ where it concerns Romney Obama Care.

It appears he is ‘offended’ by the president challenging ‘judicial authority’.


There is ZERO ROOM is the legal process for ‘independent judgement’, (The law is self explanatory!) and few will deny that the judges main role is solely to secure the ‘desired outcome’ in any given case, justice BE DAMNED!

It is also why 'the rich' walk away from their legal problems while the average citizen gets the book thrown at him...or has his case dismissed...because the judge didn't think it had 'merit'.

And speaking of justice be damned we have this sort of bullshit to contend with on the other end of the puzzle:

Most American workers labor under the auspices of employment-at-will, which allows employers to hire, fire and promote for good reasons, bad reasons, or no reason at all.

On March 16, at least 14 employees of the Elizabeth R. Wellborn law firm, located in Deerfield Beach, Florida, wore orange shirts to work. For this style choice, they were marched into a conference room and summarily fired. Wellborn’s husband declared that the shirts were a protest against working conditions at the 275-worker law firm, and that management would not stand for such behavior.

Adherents LOVE capitalism mostly because it rewards them with their own little ‘kingdom’ that they can run anyway they wish…even like they run the company in the first article.

So the question currently without answer is precisely where does ‘executive privilege’ end and ‘the law’ begin?

And how disturbing is it that the Judge’s position was designed to ‘mimic’ the owner’s position and not the victim’s?

Now I have found myself on the wrong end of a ‘dispute’ with ‘the king boss and anyone else who has been in that position will tell you. Unless you have the wherewithal to sue for millions (and can afford to lose) Good Luck with finding a law firm willing to take on an employer for you!

And when you see items like today’s first offering in the news, it tells you up front what your ‘chances’ are of coming out on top.

In fact, if our justice system were 50% effective, news stories about judicial corruption would dominate the headlines…but judicial corruption has become a given under our corrupt and badly broken legal system.

And as I have explained, in detail, many times, we do not have a ‘money problem’ in this country but we have ONE FUCK OF A LEGAL PROBLEM!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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