Friday, April 27, 2012


Greetings good citizen,

Happy Friday to those of you who are looking forward to their weekend. (One day stretches into the next when you’re unemployed, although weekends mean there are people around!)

Um, for some bizarre reason oil is up to $104 a barrel and gold is up $50 an ounce in the past couple of days but neither of these stories made the headlines because stiff price increases are NOT GOOD NEWS for the economy, although investors seem to enjoy them. (Which tells you something else about the ‘interests of investors’ that you should always keep in mind!)

So we have this headline:

U.S. Economic Growth Slows to 2.2% Rate, Report Says

Gross domestic product grew at an annualized rate of 2.2 percent, easing from the prior quarter’s rate but maintaining what economists have called a “sustainable” pace of recovery.

(Like these jokers would know what a ‘recovery’ was if it kicked them in the balls!)

One thing is certain, the only way we the public know anything about any recovery is because the well paid liars in the media continue to insist there is one!

Repeat after me, ‘There is NO recovery’ (and there ain’t gonna be one UNTIL we remove the criminals from power, then conditions will improve immediately; almost magically!

The other headline from today’s business section tells us:

Stocks Unclear on Direction

Major market indexes were mixed in early trading, putting a fourth consecutive day of gains in jeopardy.

4th day of ‘gains’? The news all week, hell, all YEAR has been horrendous! How the FUCK can stock values be climbing when the rest of the economy is tanking?

Oh, but wait! I’m a fucking liar! Look at the ‘profits and earnings’ the ‘wizards of shake and bake’ have cooked up the books with to dazzle our eyes!

It’s the old ‘garbage in = garbage out’.

Company A buys out competitor B and shazaam, company A is ‘profitable’ (because it is now the sole source of commodity C in a given region, hell, hemisphere…fucking magic all right!)

There’s another ‘game’ that is playing itself out. Not too long ago the beancounters decided ‘retail was retail, why make two trips to do the weekly marketing?

Suddenly you could buy food from the same people who used to sell you underwear!

The ‘warehouse stores’ pioneered the idea but now the ‘big box stores’ offer ‘one stop shopping’, hell you can even fuel up while you’re there!

Which begs the question of how far away are we from just having our paychecks mailed directly to them?

Weird how ‘convenience’ is becoming the ‘enemy’. It may be ‘more profitable’ to do business this way but cut out too many ‘middle men’ and you end up in a world of slip-shod products that suck. (Once you’re the sole source 'quality' is whatever you want it to be…

New slogan: This AIN’T Burger King. You take the mo’fukker MY way or YOU don’t get the sum bitch!

Worse, one stop shopping also seriously reduces the number of ‘job opportunities’ there are in a society that is already plagued with hopelessness.

You don’t want a majority of the population just twiddling their thumbs, they’ll get restless and start wrecking the things they can’t have.

How ‘profitable’ will that be?

Which brings us to another concept most of you don’t ‘understand/appreciate’ and that would be the question of ‘what is profit’?

Is it the coin the retailer puts in his pocket after it is all said and done or is it the benefit society reaps from the effort expended?

Your typical capitalist will cagily answer ‘both!’ but he really only gives a fuck about the first part, the ‘coin’ he puts in HIS pocket, society be damned!

No irony should be lost on the fact that keeping the businessman honest is the very reason governments are established in the first place…especially considering what happens once a government is ‘co-opted’ by the very people it is supposed to be overseeing…

Which brings us (isn’t it interesting how one topic leads to the next?) to A Simple Plan, which eliminates the need for the watch-dog by eliminating the reason commerce needs to be watched!

If we shift the emphasis of our commerce system to the latter part of the equation (the benefit society reaps from the effort) and eliminate the ‘privatization’ of commerce (which only benefits the owner) we greatly improve our society!

Everyone (except the former ‘owners’) will agree!

I belabor the obvious when I point out that YOU don’t NEED to OWN ANYTHING! All you need is the ‘use’ of certain things while you’re here (or there or anywhere else for that matter.)

YOU (invariably) take a beating on anything you sell because it’s ‘used’. Okay, ‘real estate’ appreciates but ONLY under the ‘correct’ market conditions, something the last crisis destroyed for the next three generations!

Worse, real estate is a lousy ‘investment’. If you want to ‘dabble’ in real estate, become a banker where you keep getting paid for the same hunk of land, over and over again in perpetuity…until the bottom drops out like it just did.

Then you don’t want anything to do with real estate…(but you can’t let the public know!)

Um, where were we?

Oh yeah, Happy Friday, good citizen!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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