Saturday, March 31, 2012

>One Percent

Greetings good citizen,

You may recall that in yesterday’s post I noted the Dow’s ‘nosedive’ towards negative territory, but it must have been an, er, ‘aberration’ because the Dow closed up for the week!

Which brings us full circle to the topic du juor of yesterday’s piece, the lying lies of the corporate owned media.

Is there ANY REASON IN THE WORLD for stocks to add 144 points yesterday?

Let’s see what Mr. Williams has to say on the subject

No. 426: Economic Update: Mired in A Protracted Downturn
Subscription required March 30th, 2012

• GNP Growth at 1.8% versus 3.0% GDP
• Real Durable Goods Orders 10% Below Levels Seen in 2000
• Shenanigans in Industrial Production Benchmark Masked Small Downside Revisions to Recent Activity
• Recession Deeper than Previously Estimated

Not only do I find no, er, ‘positive’ news in Mr. Williams analysis, he too has difficulty reconciling the constantly revised data.

And make no mistake about it, the whole so-called recovery has been ‘revised away’ right after it is reported!

Happy numbers to show the folks at home followed a month or so later by the more, er, ‘disappointing’ data as the headline numbers are ‘very quietly’ revised.

Which is to opine, good citizen…and again I will re-iterate, it is just my OPINION that IF WE KNEW how bad things REALLY WERE, we’d be panicking right now!

Worse, good citizen, the reason things aren’t improving is because our so-called ‘elected officials’ aren’t doing their jobs.

At some point in the not too distant future, they really are going to be forced to ‘let the bodies hit the floor’, a shake out where we find out who has been ‘swimming naked’ all of this time.

The danger here is letting the bodies hit the floor WITHOUT, er, ‘repairing’ the ‘economic environment’ first.

Under the current ‘non-existent’ enforcement of business regulation, we could wake up facing a ‘monopolized’ world…one where they will tell us how much they want for their stuff and if you can’t afford it, tough!

There is (nor will there be) any alternative. You buy this (from me) or you don’t get the sumbitch!

The infamous ‘they’ will be dealing from a ‘position of strength’ (already having all of the money they will ever need) they don’t need to ‘talk price’, they don’t even ‘need’ your business.

It’s YOU that will be forced to lick their boots and choose between staying warm and staying nourished (if that is even possible with all the fillers and additives they use to ‘boost profitability’.)

If you’re not ‘afraid’ good citizen, you should be…and you shouldn’t need me to point this out to you.

Here’s the thing good citizen.

We are all aware that > One Percent controls more than fifty percent of ALL OF the wealth. The next 40% is controlled by the top 10%…the remaining 10% of the world’s wealth is divided among the bottom 90%.

What you NEED TO BE AWARE OF is civilization, like money, is a ‘legal construct’ we AGREE TO abide by…as long as it is TO OUR ADVANTAGE to do so.

Increasingly, it is being seen by more and more people as NOT being to their advantage to, er, ‘obey’ the civilization agreement.

This will prove out during this summer’s ‘energy riots’.

Where the price of energy will skyrocket, thanks to ‘political wrangling’ between Washington and the Middle East, such as today’s announcement that the president has determined that there is ‘enough oil’ to place sanctions on Iran.

Which is being done to ‘appease’ AIPAC…

But I digress…

WHEN the public starts to despair over the price of heating their home in a (still) broken economy and keeping food on the table. (Because a gallon of home heating fuel cost more than $6.) people, a vast majority of them, will be unable to afford to go to their part-time, minimum wage jobs, keep the lights and the furnace running AND put food on the table.

And the politicians of this country will just shrug and say, “there’s nothing I can do about it! Go ahead and elect somebody else, they won’t be able to fix it either because we ALL take our ‘orders’ from the > One Percent.”

And that’s the trouble we’re all facing good citizen, a ‘ruined economy’ thanks to the selfish few that we ‘failed’ the regulate effectively.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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