Sunday, April 29, 2012


Greetings good citizen,

You know what they say, if something sounds ‘too good to be true’, chances are it’s not.

One could dismiss this latest round of ‘republican bashing’ to the ‘Monkey see, Monkey do’ playing to the base variety of campaign tactic.

More disturbing is the notion of who are they bashing if there aren’t any Republicans anymore?

Nowhere on the horizon will you find a ‘champion of the working man’ just as you WON’T find the ‘let’s think about this some more’ Conservative.

Ironically, the conservatives are all done with thinking. They know what they want…the frightening part is they don’t give a damn if anybody else wants it too! (and most of us DON’T!)

You needn’t peel back the skin too far here to reveal this ‘tempest in a tea pot’ for what it is, pure, orthodox Republican ideology!
I often have similar thoughts about Mitt Romney. A surpassingly perfect villain for our times, he appears to come straight from central casting as the slick, shifty-eyed C.E.O. who’s fixing to downsize your ass — and implement his evil scheme for world domination while he’s at it. The G.O.P could not have run a more astonishing incarnation of the self-parodying cluelessness of the 1 percenters if they tried. For all practical purposes, it’s as if the the top-hat-and-tails-wearing Monopoly guy was their candidate.

Think I’m exaggerating? The Mittster’s latest Richie Rich moment from the campaign trail has him regaling an audience of economically anxious college students with some swell advice on how to succeed in business: just be like his “friend” sandwich shop entrepreneur Jimmy John, and get your parents to bankroll the costs of a start-up! Hey, that sounds easy — why didn’t I think of that?! Here’s Mittens:

This kind of divisiveness, this attack of success, is very different than what we’ve seen in our country’s history. We’ve always encouraged young people: Take a shot, go for it, take a risk, get the education, borrow money if you have to from your parents, start a business.

There is nothing more ‘sinister’ here than what’s been preached by conservatives throughout the ages: Borrow from your well-connected kin…and if you don’t have any, tough!

It’s the same thing they say about you’re not being able to live on what you’re paid…it’s not their problem, it’s yours!

Which, ironically, ‘pinpoints’ the main flaw in conservative ideology.

It is impossible to construct a viable social model using selfish, self-centered principles.

That’s why capitalism doesn’t work (but we’re saddled with it anyway, thanks to the bought an paid for courts/justice system.)

Which is to point out that these things AREN’T ‘accidents’ or the ‘unfortunate side-effects’ conservatives moan about liberals taking too seriously or that they make more out of them than what they are.

Worse, conservatives KNOW this is not the case…but they prefer this to the alternative, a level playing field where they face the ‘danger’ of not being as successful as they currently are.

Sadly, good citizen, ‘fear’ that their situation will deteriorate instead of improve is enough to drive some people to support ideas and institutions that DO NOT have their best interests in mind.

And a good politician is capable of exploiting this dread…which is why we will ‘do away’ with elected political office.

Under A Simple Plan there are NO ‘legislators’, the people make the laws and vote directly on their passage. (So we don’t find ourselves where we are today, where ‘law-makers’ are capable (and commonly do) exempt themselves from their own legislation!

This is what happens when any government starts playing with ‘the cloak of secrecy’.

Worse, good citizen almost EVERY ACT of the PAST TWO administrations has been declared ‘secret’ and placed beyond the reach of a public that very well might prosecute the criminals involved for their misdeeds.

Although my point with the above paragraph is how the situation has worsened in the recent past, State Secrets and Executive privilege extends all the way back to the founding of this nation…which DOESN’T make it ‘permissible!’.

A government that has to hide its actions from the people it serves IS corrupt!

If the people of today would ‘misunderstand’ the actions taken it is highly likely those acts were criminal.

If you (as a representative of your people) cannot stand up and say, ‘hey folks, this is what happened and this is what we intend to do about it.’ You have either chosen the wrong course of action or you are guilty of trying to deceive the public, a crime that automatically strips you of your membership in society.

Which is to ‘opine’ that preventing a public panic is, in my humble opinion, ‘overused’. If you’re faced with this situation then you have let something else go on farther than it should have and you (again) don’t deserve a position of public power and trust.

The people who ‘win’ positions of public power and trust will demonstrate that they already possess the foresight to avoid these situations by choosing the actions that win them the position.

It is this singular quality that our species needs to cultivate if we are to advance beyond being a species that exists merely to waste planets.

Do we have what it takes? Awareness is 99% of the battle.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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