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Once again I finished this piece before I started the ‘intro’ (such is passion!) Naturally an opportunity to smack both of my favorite targets in one article proved irresistible!

How often do you get two disturbing headlines in one!
50 Percent Pay Cuts at GE's Plants: Is This the Future of American Jobs?

The company President Obama called a "model for America" is squeezing its workers, cutting pensions, wages and benefits--but workers are organizing to fight back.

Ha! That ain’t happening, the ‘unions’ at GE are in the company’s pocket, selling out the rank and file is what the e-boards of GE’s unions do best!

The surest route to a management job at GE is to become an E-board member!

But I digress, let us take a moment to explore the ‘heart’ of this article.

The 58-year-old assembler at the General Electric plant in West Burlington, Iowa, was called back to work in September.

She had been on layoff since 2007 from the non-union factory, which makes electrical, switch gears for municipalities and energy-hungry factories, hospitals, and call centers. “You know how you have a fuse box in your house?” she asks. “These are like fuse boxes for a city,” the size of a refrigerator.

But the job came with new terms: a 50 percent pay cut—she’d now make $12 an hour. No health care coverage when she retired. And no chance she’d get the $5,000 bonus GE’s union workers won in last year’s national contract.

Um, the blurb is self-explanitory; GE whacked their pay in half because they could (Thank you Mr. President.)

And speaking of the ‘incompetent-in-chief’, How do you like his ‘vision for the future’ now?

How disgusted does it make you that the ‘make believe’ Democrat is going to get re-elected because the alternative is a Republican who really doesn’t know what end is up?

But I guess it was inevitable, only a complete moron would want the job of being the ‘sock-puppet-in chief’. (So we shouldn’t be too surprised that only ‘morons’ are running…)

Which only belabors the obvious, the state of play has seriously deteriorated over the past few decades.

This leaves us with a more disturbing problem; Mr. Obama won election because he didn’t present himself as an idiot, yet he turned out to be one. Now he is being quiet because he knows ANYTHING he says can cost him the election (which is already in the bag.) What he’s ‘guarding’ right now is his ‘elect-ability’, the general perception that it is possible that 50% of the 30% who bother to vote, might have voted for him…

And the ‘war on women’ thing, just short of brilliant! Most voters are female and if they were all so easily flattered, our political campaigns would be very different indeed.

Some would speculate that giving women the right to vote turned elections into popularity contests (like they weren’t in the first place.)

(Although before (suffrage) it was more keyed to machismo, which guy did you want in the big chair if war broke out sort of thing.)

But, not for nothing, you don’t suppose the current ‘male model’ and the former movie star [Reagan] became president on their ‘qualifications’, do you?

Um, talk about funny bounces, how did we go from corporate cruelty and malfeasance to the debacle ‘popular elections’ have become?

But Rome didn’t collapse overnight; it collapsed due to a build up of ‘little things’.

Under A Simple Plan we would no longer ‘elect’ leaders (who would then be co-opted by the wealthy.) Leaders would ‘win’ the job and PROVE to us BEFORE they got the job that they were qualified to do it!

The other caveat here is that leaders would no longer be ‘legislators’, they would be ‘problem solvers’.

It would be the leader’s job to solve problems and keep things on an ‘even keel’.

In a majority of situations you should be able to solve almost any given problem with the laws you have, not the laws you’d like to have to make the job easier!


We have, quite literally ‘gone nuts’ trying to legislate away our social problems, this has not been a ‘positive development’ because the end result is a ‘police state’.

The last forty years and the astounding increase in the use of both ‘executive privilege’ and ‘National security’ has lead us to where we are today, a nation led by criminals.

It struck me last night as I was watching the old TV series Wiseguy on Hulu that they were laying the groundwork back then for today’s widely shared ‘you can’t trust the government’ public sentiment.

Which leaves us all in one hell of a pickle, if we can’t trust the government then who the hell is supposed to be watching our backs?

The law isn’t on our side…does that mean the criminals win?

Not that government corruption is anything new by any stretch of the imagination…that’s why A Simple Plan is ‘cashless’ not only is all crime but all corruption is ‘cash and carry’.

No cash = no problem…and yes it is a ‘legislative’ solution the self-serving criminals currently in power wouldn’t tolerate, but that’s another problem for later.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


PS: back to the article and the obvious inference to how we are being ‘transformed’ into a Banana Republic just goes without saying…

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