Saturday, April 7, 2012


Greetings good citizen,

I watched an hour of TED talks on the Science channel last night and learned that the richest man in the world will NOT be the source of the world’s salvation.

How fucked up is it that we often equate money with intelligence?

I lived most of my life without the, er, ‘benefit’ of cable TV and I am relieved to report that I’m fairly confident I didn’t miss anything ‘meaningful’.

Since I do not subscribe to the idea that money = smarts, I marveled for a few moments as to why the richest man in the world agreed to record what ultimately turned into a cheerleading session.

The end of Bill’s talk told anyone who was paying attention WHY he was doing this…he was stumping his investment portfolio!

He doesn’t give a fuck either!

Once again good citizen we are confounded by the realization that the ‘super-wealthy geniuses’ among us are NOT all that bright (but they are, er, ‘extraordinarily’ greedy and extremely full of themselves!)

And why people, er, ‘confuse’ driving ambition with intelligence has more to do with ignorance. Most people wouldn’t recognize genuine intelligence if it bit them on the ass! So what ‘passes for’ intelligence is more so a combination of (destructive) ‘self-confidence’ and unchecked desire (which has paid off for them at least once in the past) that makes people stand aside, often against their own better judgement…

But I digress (which is a little weird considering this post hasn’t established a theme yet…)

Funny how watching Bill Gates, already rich enough to buy and sell us all, (he most certainly doesn’t ‘need’ the money) on the fucking ‘boob tube’ stumping for investment capital!

Talk about ‘clueless’, how do you communicate to a (moron) capitalist that there is NO PROFIT in saving the world?

Understand (and be very afraid, good citizen) that this is WHY nothing has been done about the long smoldering train wreck that WAS our economy.

Nothing is being done because these idiotic ‘one trick ponies’ can’t figure out how to make a buck off of, well, repairing the damage (not that anyone is particularly interested in actually ‘fixing’ what’s broken…)

Worse, the vultures ‘know’ what needs to happen next but because of all the blood on their hands they aren’t too keen on fixing it…(yet.)

And therein lies the danger, if they keep stretching this thing out they will eventually ‘erase’ the most damning evidence against them so THEIR courts will be free to ‘hold their noses’ and exonerate them.

Think Ford ‘pardoning’ Nixon or Obama failing to prosecute Bush…(both done ‘for the good of the presidency’, of course!)

(Like a freshly ‘white-washed’ executive office is more important than an honest and just government.)

At the end of the day it is all about ‘priorities’.

It’s not about what’s important to the knot-head in power, it is about what is important to the people!

Anyway, my twisted mind keeps returning to the puzzle of ‘what it took’ to make little Billy Gates a multi-billionaire…

And not him specifically, but billionaires in general.

There are roughly a thousand and a half of them worldwide…in a world that is FILLED with grinding poverty!

What the hell is ‘wrong’ with this picture, good citizen?

Even our current President is often quoted as ‘not begrudging’ the rich their wealth…but is it ‘their wealth’?

Understand…’God’ did not come down from heaven and hand Billy a check for $75 billion, you COULDN’T begrudge him that, but Billy made his vast fortune doing the work once and getting paid for it forever (never mind the ‘forced migration’ aspect of the puzzle!)

But then again there are a lot of wealthy people that owe their fortune to, er, ‘what the law allows’…

Like I have said repeatedly, good citizen, we don’t have a ‘money problem but a legal problem…one that will remain ‘insoluable’ as long as the self-interested maintain their vise like grip on the laws we all must live by…

This is why a revolt is necessary. (Because NOTHING is going to change until these people’s bloody corpses are dragged from behind their desks!)

An ‘order’ to quit is ‘insufficient’.

There were other disturbing sentiments expressed on last night’s show, one of the presenters played the reviled ‘complexity’ card (figures he was an ‘economist’…)

Worse, he also presented the ‘false’ idea that there are 10 billion products in a market like NY City…like each one was, er, ‘unique’.

Much of what he was calling ‘product’ was in fact the same thing in a different color/flavor.

Life itself is as simple as shelter (with a place to build a fire), water, food and clothing…done.

Where ‘red nail polish’ fits into this calculus escapes me but the world doesn’t stop if we are ‘deprived’ of ‘war paint’.

So don’t sit still for anyone who plays the ‘complexity card’…he’s bullshitting you to your face! (Ironically, another ‘killing offense’ under the laws of the jungle!)

Perhaps I’m being unfair…not that I think I’m THAT much smarter than the average joe but I do recognize the need to cut the, er, ‘less sophisticated’ among us some slack.

Hell, we all know someone who would find the choice between red and yellow ‘complex’ beyond their abilities…

Which must be how such brazen injustice continues to escape notice…although that huge honkin’ muzzle they had made for the media must help a lot!

So while you’re contemplating how Christ died for your sins, take a good, hard look around you and consider how YOU have repaid ‘the favor’…

Did Jesus's sacrifice REALLY make this world a 'better place' or is that part up to us?

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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