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You’d never know it from the corporate owned media but the collapse of our civilization proceeds apace.  Fundamentals still suck so once again we are compelled to label the almost global rise in stocks as ‘mysterious’ (although our clueless investors would call them ‘bargains’)
Stocks Pull Ahead
By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS 50 minutes ago

Shares on Wall Street rallied, recouping some of their losses from Tuesday, when fears that the European debt crisis was returning sent stock markets sliding.

Once again I must quiz you with the question of how frightening is it that this is the ONLY vehicle with which you can ‘grow’ your retirement portfolio?

Investing ‘used to be’ a game of patience now it’s a game of ‘guts’ akin to playing Russian Roulette with half of the chambers loaded.

Which is to opine that most modern investing is ‘suicidal’ if you aren’t a very well-connected ‘insider’.

Which leads us to the secondary question, good citizen…

What does the modern day world of ‘work’ offer you?

How fucking sad is it that for most of us it means we get to eat, that day.

But not all of us are that lucky

Near the end of the article we find this:

Some argue that the rise in violence is linked to the tough economy. With less money, some states are releasing prisoners earlier; police departments, after years of staffing increases, have been forced to make cutbacks.

“A lot of these killings aren’t happening in major urban areas,” said James W. McMahon, chief of staff for the International Association of Chiefs of Police. “One of the concerns we are looking at is that a number of officers are being laid off or furloughed or not replaced.”

The police chief in Camden, N.J., J. Scott Thomson, whose force of 400 was cut by nearly half last year because of financing issues, said that having fewer officers on the street “makes it that much more difficult to create an environment in which criminals do not feel as emboldened to assault another person, let alone a law enforcement officer.”

Once again the article is brazenly ‘myopic’ in its search for answers. The only ones asked about this disturbing statistical rise are in law enforcement.

But nobody is keeping track of the toll, er, ‘unpopular’ political decisions are having on our society…and the upswing in the killing of cops is just another symptom of an overall deeply perceived rise in ‘lawlessness’.

Everyone, and I do mean everyone, sees government as ‘completely corrupt’ from top to bottom.

Worse, good citizen, NOBODY sees a way to solve this problem as the ballot box is ‘suspect’ too (given how the last several elections have turned out.)

Seriously good citizen, no matter who you vote the end result is always the same!

Which would be true IF the people we elected were FORCED to obey the edicts of the same group people their predecessors obeyed.

Which very much defeats the purpose of conducting elections.

So what do we do about a corrupt government we can’t fix, ‘move’?

UNDERSTAND, for the past several decades we IGNORED corruption we couldn’t fix because, hey…we were (and still are) ‘double-fucked’, there’s no way to use the system to fix the system. It was designed to be (and it remains to this day) ‘tamper-proof’.

Which is to point out that the ability to ‘fix’ the system is ‘beyond our reach’, our ‘elected representatives’ are the only ones who can ‘access’ the repair kit the founders left us.

Which just goes to show you how much ‘faith’ the founders had in ‘society in general’.

Hell, at the founding, the framers were worried about the very real possibility of the establishment of a theocracy! (The Church was exceedingly strong back then.)

How ironic is it that the only ones seeking to restore ‘the rule of dogma’ are the very rich, who often defend their obscene situation with the now famous ‘it is the ‘WILL OF GOD’ refrain?

Understand that your poverty and destitution is also due to ‘the will of God’ and NOT the predation of the obscenely rich (which our current ‘commander-in –chief’ has ‘no problem’ with…)

Which leads us back to the question of where we will find a leader who is on ‘our side’?

No irony should be lost on the fact that we WON’T find such an elusive creature.

The whole Democratic Party died a silent death at the hands of the monied interests in our society.

And since ALL money is ‘funny’ you have to read that statement as the ‘self-interested’.

Which is to say that instead of society being ‘managed’ in the best interests of our species, it is instead being managed for the benefit of the few who have clawed their way to the top of the pile, at the expense of the rest of us.

Ordinarily, this act would be a crime…but one of the first things these ‘climbers’ do is usurp the law, which is easy enough to do once you’ve seized control of the (metaphorical) printing press.

Improperly set up, the law is always ‘for sale’ to the highest bidder.

This is why the law is placed ‘beyond the reach’ of even the most ambitious among us. That is why the ‘professional interpretation’ of the laws we all must obey is strictly prohibited!

In a reversal of the current practice, the law would remain under the control of those who must live under it, the people.

What’s freaking me out is how ‘quiet’ all of my readers are.

Three years of downright incendiary commentary and I’ve gotten no feedback.

Is this thing plugged in?

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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