Sunday, April 8, 2012


Greetings good citizen,

Oh what a tangled web we weave! It doesn’t cease to amaze me how much damage our civilization has suffered at the hands of the new (and constantly improving) ‘unitary executive’.

It’s been almost fifty years now that half of us have believed the other half was clinically insane or at the very least ‘stupid and gullible’. How ironic is it that it turns out both ‘halves’ were correct, not about the insanity but about the ‘stupid and gullible’…

It’s bullshit like this that clears up the mystery of why Hillary isn’t running this year…
Critics of the stringent system say stories like these vindicate warnings they made in 1996 when President Bill Clinton fulfilled his pledge to “end welfare as we know it”: the revamped law encourages states to withhold aid, especially when the economy turns bad.

The old program, Aid to Families with Dependent Children, dates from the New Deal; it gave states unlimited matching funds and offered poor families extensive rights, with few requirements and no time limits. The new program, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, created time limits and work rules, capped federal spending and allowed states to turn poor families away.

“My take on it was the states would push people off and not let them back on, and that’s just what they did,” said Peter B. Edelman, a law professor at Georgetown University who resigned from the Clinton administration to protest the law. “It’s been even worse than I thought it would be.”

How ironic is it that all the jobs created during the Clinton years evaporated with the ‘dot gone’ bubble?

And that, good citizen is a rhetorical question, there’s nothing ‘ironic’ about it at all.

Worse, we need to ask ourselves which ‘well-spoken individual’ will be next to step forward and claim the democratic mantle, only to totally sell out democratic ideals?

Closet Libertarians are amazingly adept at this...just as Cyrk Unger pointed out the other day that for a 'constitutional lawyer' Obama acts like he's never seen the document he supposedly 'specialized' in...


I mean look at Willy Jeff, he got a mansion in NYC and his wife landed a seat in the Senate! How ‘lucky’ does a guy get?

How much are you willing to bet that luck had nothing to do with it?

Did I mention that our government is a bought and paid for illusion, sponsored by the >One Percent?

Or that our civilization will crash and burn in the VERY near future?

The ‘assault’ has been underway for the past four years, ‘disguised’ as the economic downturn.

Our ‘transition’ to a full-blown Banana Republic is almost complete.

Um, the above tale of ‘financial hardship’ underlines the fact that a rich man CAN live as cheaply (and sometimes even cheaper because of the exemptions they grant themselves) than a poor one.

This, as we are learning, is the ‘cause’ of the current, er, ‘depression’. When all (most of) the money in a society is ‘captured’ at the top of a hierarchical chain, there is no mechanism except revolution capable of restoring balance to the economy.

Notice the indicators, there is (nor has there been) ANY ‘new investment’ because the existing capacity is capable of supplying what is becoming a dwindling number of customers…

Which is to slap you hard in the face good citizen, hopefully to wake you up to the fact that you are, right this very second, being strangled with your own rope!

Understand the trick is to keep you lulled until you are no longer an enormous giant, capable of smashing them to pieces as you struggle.

By the time we organize to fight back most of what we would have had to work with will have been exported.

And there’s no ‘accident’ in play there.

The part that devils them to no end is that they can’t take the ‘bread basket’ with them. (But I think the plan is to cripple that capacity so we can’t use it either…)

It’s shitty little deals like the one in this article that shout ‘class war’ plain as day yet you refuse to believe it…

There is an ALTERNATIVE TO CAPITALISM that is far more efficient and effective but the CRIMINALS AMONG US don’t want you to know that!

And who ARE the criminals, good citizen?

They are the very same people who claim to be the ‘job creators’!

Understand, NO HUMAN has EVER ‘created’ a single job, they ALL come to us directly from Mother Nature!

Without nature, ‘need’ doesn’t exist.

And don’t fall for the Libertarian crap of ‘need doesn’t exist’, they fucking NEED YOU to believe it (even if they don’t themselves!)

Once they convince you that your needs are ‘wants’, you are no longer entitled to them!

You ‘want’ to breathe? Tough! I don’t think you deserve to!

I’m willing to pay more than you will for that air so it’s rightfully mine!

What a fucked up argument to make considering ALL money is funny…but the fucking Libertarian whack jobs don’t realize that!

They’re still little kids, bidding ‘an infinity’ dollars and are then willing to go to the mat over who bid it first!

When an ‘infinity dollars is still fucking ZERO!

How stupid can you get?

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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