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Greetings good citizen,

Markets around the world are rising meteorically…for no good reason, must be that ‘bargain thing’ nobody but brokers working on straight commission understand.

Naturally, stock market performance (these days) has absolutely nothing to do with the state of the ‘real economy’…

But it appears nobody explained this development to our politically appointed civil servants

Another witness, current Deputy Commissioner Susan Brita, was instrumental in asking Inspector General Brian Miller to investigate the 2010 conference. His stinging report was made public April 2. Since then, the agency head resigned, two deputies, including Peck, were fired and 10 employees have been placed on administrative leave.

Brita had emailed Peck in July that the inspector general found no substantive agenda for the Las Vegas conference. She said expenses for a clown suit, bicycles used for a team-building exercise, tuxedos and a mind-reader didn't lend themselves to the claim of a substantive conference.

Brita also questioned why a regional administrator in charge of the conference, Jeffrey Neely, received only a disciplinary letter that "is not even a slap on the wrist." Neely on Monday asserted his right to remain silent at a hearing before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

I heard this headline first on the radio this morning and it immediately struck me as odd that this particular ‘regional administrator’ was pleading the 5th.

Um, why was a public servant invoking their right not to incriminate themselves? Aren’t they sworn to deal honestly on the public’s behalf (or are political appointees exempt from this?)

And justice is ‘blind’ too, tell me another one.

Which begs the question of who is this clown trying to protect?

IF he was responsible for the, er, ‘poor decision-making’, man up and accept responsibility…but invoking the 5th sounds like he was ‘following orders’ and is doing his best to avoid revealing who TOLD HIM to do what he did.

Not for nothing but it is a foregone conclusion that we, the taxpaying public, will NEVER learn the truth behind political boondoggles such as the ‘Western Regions affair.’

Malfeasance is almost always cloaked under either ‘National Security’ or as a State Secret when it is committed on the federal level.

Um, I hope you see where this is going.

We have arrived, once again, on the doorstep of the public’s need to know and the failure of the Justice system to prosecute crimes committed by federal officials, ESPECIALLY political appointees who ‘abuse’ their positions to give their political opponents a ‘black eye’.

The only thing more ‘fucked up’ is the fact that it is all ‘window dressing’. This totally gratuitous blowout in Vegas is nothing more a thinly disguised ploy to disgrace a non-existent party FOR THE PUBLIC’S BENEFIT!


It is more important to ask ‘what fucking liberals are you talking about, Bub?’

There AIN’T no ‘liberals’ around here, not in government, not anymore.

The D is now an L and it don’t stand for Liberal (lunatic is closer to the mark!)

The only thing worse is the R stands for C and the C really does mean Crazy!

But take heart, good citizen. Just because we have been ‘shut-out’ of the political arena doesn’t mean we are out of the game.

But it is a ‘game-changer’, that’s for sure!

How does that saying go…those who ‘impede’ civil discourse insure civil unrest (or something like that.)

Just ask the 80% who believe they are the 99%.

The >One percent have the (extremely gullible) top 20% on their side, their loyalty bought with positions of relative power over the oppressed.

They are the ones who keep reassuring the bottom 80% that they don’t have it so bad, that they should be grateful for what they have (and that they shouldn’t ask for [much less expect] more.)

And weirdly, the top 20% AREN’T too badly off…but they are seriously mistaken when it comes to their ‘underlings’.

Take this GAO boondoggle for instance…the $3,000 a night suite represents three MONTHS pay for workers in the bottom dectile of the income distribution, people who do society’s shittiest jobs for minimum wage or worse. (And are, sadly, happy to get the work for the small measure of ‘independence’ it affords them.)

Incredibly, (and it does defy logic) they continue to play the ‘government malfeasance card’ over and over…but for how long will they keep it up?

And no, we WILL NOT get a ‘people’s rebellion’ out of this, we will, most likely, get a coup…by the very same fuckers responsible for this mess in the first place!

But it won’t go well.

Because, (insanely) people here ‘believe’ they are ‘free’…

And it’s going to take a considerable amount of, er, ‘force’ to disabuse them of this silly notion…

Seriously, good citizen, I believe they have carried this charade far longer than I would have though possible…which is why I have been predicting the bottom would (and still COULD) drop out ‘any day now.’

The global financial system is FUBAR, there is no ‘repair’ possible.

The only thing left is the ‘reset button’ and you don’t want ‘thieves’ pushing that…but it sure looks like we won’t have much say in the matter.

I was going to ‘spare you’ the now familiar ‘under A Simple Plan’ counterargument to the above article (and if you aren’t interested in reading it, you can stop here and we’ll catch you later…

But I do us both a disservice if I don’t explain how it would be different.

First off, the GAO would ‘disappear’; there would be no such thing as ‘government accounting’ because quite literally there would be no (sitting) government…

Hold your horses, don’t get antsy now, let me explain!

What used to be handled by the government would now be handled by the Services Division, a sort of ‘catch all’ branch that administers things that government used to do like the military, police and the courts. (Education and science get their own divisions)

(See A Simple Plan for a detailed description of the divisions and what each one does.)

We could add to that the lack of political parties specifically INTENDED TO DIVIDE US, would also work to prevent boondoggles like the one featured above but that belabors the obvious.

Which brings us full circle to the conundrum of ‘if the goal is the betterment of the 'human condition', who is the ‘opposition’?

Well, we all know the answer to that one, our opponents are the ‘self-serving’ among us (who literally consider themselves our ‘betters’.)

Thanks for letting me inside you head,


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