Thursday, April 12, 2012

Point, (the)

Greetings good citizen,

Oil, gold and commodities of all types are surging higher this morning, good news for the people who ‘own’ such things and decidedly bad news for the people who need to buy them…

The Dow is up 150 points this morning. It seems to be bound and determined to make up the ground it lost over the last few days, very possibly today (because it doesn’t have to make sense.)

Nor would it considering this headline:

Claims for Jobless Benefits Rise
By REUTERS 19 minutes ago

In other economic reports, the United States government also said the February trade deficit was lower and wholesale inflation in March was flat.

Sure, inflation is non-existent for those who neither drive nor eat…then there’s the trade deficit. Why import shit if NOBODY can afford it?

But hey…there’s no need to let a little thing like BROKE CUSTOMERS stand in the way of inflated stock prices!

As we can see here:

Stocks Post Strong Gains
By REUTERS 49 minutes ago

Wall Street shares rose despite an unexpected rise in initial jobless claims in the latest week.
Don’t you think this would have been a good place to insert a positive blurb…if you had one?

But no, the corporate owned media’s credibility is stretched so thin these days that they have become selective of what they are willing to lie about.

Of course, ‘investors’ are supposedly ‘smarter’ than the rest of us, which probably explains this bullshit:

Stumbling Blocks in a Booming, Newly Opened Economy

As Myanmar opens up to the world, foreign investors describe the country as a new frontier. But many worry about a lack of skilled labor, crumbling infrastructure and surprisingly high prices.

What’s that? You mean we’ve reached ‘the end’ of the global race to the bottom?

You can bet there will be plenty of finger-pointing and accusations of just ‘who’ dropped the ball!

But labor, like oil isn’t ‘inexhaustible’, if it were, there’d be a market for ground up over fifty-year-olds!

Not that the freakazoids who would draft such a law wouldn’t first exempt themselves from it.

Yet another ‘defect’ in our badly broken justice system but what are you going to do?

I apologize for the ‘snippets’ from today’s business section of the NY Times but the alternative is rapidly becoming comparable to The National Enquirer.

I keep expecting to see the headline any day now claiming they have proof conservatives are ET’s (or at the very least, under ET’s control!)

That or testimony claiming that conservatives are all possessed by demons (which might be closer to the truth than we think…)

Um, sorry if I am taking the beginning series of headlines as ‘self-explanitory’ but I’m willing to bet the combination of surging commodity prices combined with rising equity values are directly related to the ‘disaster in the making’ that is Myanmar.

Investors (a.k.a. idiots) are jumping for joy over FINALLY having a ‘new’ investment opportunity. It will be the ‘new’ Philippines…but what will become of the existing Philippines?

Naturally there will be lay-offs and cutbacks as what ‘used to be’ made in the Philippines is ‘transferred’ to Myanmar…but then we have those ‘surprisingly high’ prices that will, if unaddressed, will drive labor costs to, er, ‘uncompetitive’ levels.

So how does the ‘cheaper there’ fix things like uncompetitive currencies? They manipulate ‘em away, of course.

The ‘base cost’ of ALL COMMODITIES is ZERO so ‘fixing’ the purchasing power of Myanmar’s currency is a small and simple matter.

Um, from this very real example does anyone else see how they have been ‘fucked’ out of their job, their pension AND their benefits?

Whosoever controls you currency, controls YOU!

Think about it.

That tight box you’ve been painted into is no ‘accident’, you were put there on purpose by the very people who stood to ‘profit’ from your loss.

The ‘problem’ with this is your ability to earn an income has been severely curtailed by this global race that mostly benefits the ‘owners of commerce’.

To give you an idea of what I think of the much-cherished, nay, ‘hallowed’ word ‘own’, I would have it purged from world’s vocabulary.

Not that it’s up to me.

However, I honestly believe that YOU should feel the same way.

Because in the end we all ‘share’ what there is, we don’t need to ‘own’ any of it.

In fact, A Simple Plan DOESN’T WORK if we don’t abandon the exceeding foolish AND greedy concept of ‘ownership’.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


PS: This has been your ‘test’ of emotional maturity, if you are unwilling to live in a world where your ‘ownership’ of shit is prohibited, you flunked.

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