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Um, I will once again let the corporate owned media provide their decidedly twisted version of what’s going on before sharing what it ‘looks like’ to me:

[10:30 AM EST]

Stocks Decline Anew on European Worries
By REUTERS 34 minutes ago

Wall Street opened lower despite improving labor market data, as poor demand at Wednesday’s Spanish bond sale heightened fears about funding difficulties for weaker euro zone countries.

Now, maybe what I’m seeing is ‘anticipation’ but markets around the world once again ‘spiked’ sharply higher right around the same time the NYSE opened…and, mind you the Dow was still 20 points in the red as of this report.

I also provided the ‘time reference’ because the numbers will (naturally) differ by the time you read them.

And, as usual, the ‘cheerleaders' continue to shout ‘recovery’ when such an event is, er, 'highly improbable' (at least in the conventional sense.)

But isn’t this morning’s offering a classic example of public servants behaving badly?
"We certainly have no problem with individuals coming to Las Vegas spending their own money...however this is a case where you have government officials off the backs of other people enjoying a lavish party," said Geoffrey Lawrence, deputy policy director for the Nevada Policy Research Institute, a conservative think tank in Las Vegas.

Lawrence said he hopes consumers and government critics don't associate irresponsible spending with Las Vegas. That's what happened in 2009 after Obama said corporations shouldn't use federal bailout money on luxury trips to Las Vegas.

A year later, Obama said at a town hall meeting in New Hampshire, "You don't blow a bunch of cash on Vegas when you're trying to save for college." Convention business dropped after his remarks and city officials blamed Obama. Later that year, the GSA employees were attending $30,000-hotel room parties in suites outfitted with multiple wet bars.

"There will be some negative implication that you shouldn't come to Vegas ... but that's just foolishness," said Phil Ruffin, who owns the Treasure Island hotel-casino on the Strip. "They didn't need to spend that foolishly."

Ruffin added: "I'm just sorry they didn't spend it here. We could have used the business."

Mumbled the panhandler on the street…

We need to put this situation into ‘context’ (if we take it as a given that there are NO DEMOCRATS anymore, just people who are ‘duped’ into thinking there are.) It is common knowledge that all (or at least most) of the ‘responsible’ civil servants in Washington were ‘driven out’ during the Reagan Revolution and replaced with ‘loyal conservatives!’

People who are still there today being, in many cases, hired by conservative appointees.

We just need to establish WHY these civil servants would behave so badly, especially this close to a presidential election that the Republicans are LOSING despite their other candidate (Obama) not even actively running.

You may notice the (decidedly conservative) USA TODAY, the news source for’s homepage makes repeated reference to Obama’s, er, ‘negative comments’ regarding the nation’s former gambling Mecca.

Now the head of the GSA apparently resigned over this and two of his top deputies were, er, ‘terminated’.

EXCEPT, the person who gets to pick their replacements is…what?

A fucking conservative! (Worse, he’s proud of it!)

Like I said many times before, the ‘D’ after his name is meaningless, quacks like a duck, waddles like a duck and swims like a duck, it’s a duck, regardless of what it pretends to be!

And Bubba is a conservative who has consistently given his ‘fellow conservatives’ a pass instead of taking them out to the woodshed, like they deserve.

Which is to opine that this November’s elections, should they occur, will be yet another ‘watermark’ election, never in the history of this nation has an incumbent so UNPOPULAR secured re-election.

It remains to be seen if things will get that far…there is still an ‘oil crisis’ and a debt ceiling/government shutdown to contend with BEFORE November.

BUT, the criminals who got Bubba elected have a vested interest in insuring that he gets a second term.

They think that by then there won’t be enough evidence left to convict them.

This, sadly, assumes that there will even be a trial…which is highly unlikely under ANY circumstances.

Who knows what the future holds? I certainly don’t…but the ‘signs’ sure as hell don’t look very promising if we keep heading down this one-way, dead end street (especially if they keep resulting in stories like today’s offering…)

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