Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hunger Games

Greetings good citizen,

For those of you who are skeptical of my assertion that our civilization is becoming unraveled and is doomed to fail any day now, I present you with a reminder of my primary evidence:

46 MILLION households are on SOME KIND of government ‘food assistance’ because these people’s jobs don’t pay them enough to put food on the table and to keep a roof over their heads. (And wheels under their ass so they can get to their jobs that don’t pay them enough to live on…)

Now, some of you wouldn’t be swayed by this ‘evidence’ of mine, You would counter that poverty and hunger have always been with us (and the truly STUPID among you would insist it’s no worse now than it was a century ago!)

Um, some of you might note that I continue to use the term ‘households’ instead of the fuzzy and indistinct assertion that these Federal food assistance programs deal with people on an ‘individual basis’ (like the lying corporate owned media would like you to believe.)

Now there are nearly 330 MILLION ‘individuals’ in this nation of ours, BUT there are only 117 million HOUSEHOLDS, so you see why this distinction is important.

46 million out of 330 million is less than a sixth of the population…but 46 million out of 117 is almost HALF!

Which is to point out that, once again, the official figures ‘seriously distort’ the extent of the problem. Just like the way the unemployed are ‘counted’ seriously distorts the severity of the unemployment crisis.

There are 243 MILLION ‘working aged US Citizens' and less than half of them work at all!

Which is to point out there is something SERIOUSLY WRONG with our system of commerce that fifty percent of the workforce can be ‘excluded’ from participating and the rest just keeps rolling along.

And let’s not ignore the rising level of decay through neglect out there.

Because at the end of the day it’s all due to ‘mismanagement.’

Let’s have a look at the first column of the business section in today’s NY TIMES:

British Economy Slips Back Into Recession

Official figures indicated that the British economy shrank in the first quarter, pushing the country into its second recession since the financial crisis.

S.&P. Gives Negative Outlook for India

Standard & Poor’s now says the country has at least a 1-in-3 chance of seeing its debt downgraded to junk status.

Healthy Earnings Propel Stocks Forward
By REUTERS 2 minutes ago

Stocks opened higher after strong results from Apple lifted optimism in a corporate earnings season that was already outstripping expectations.

U.S. Durable Goods Orders Fall Sharply

Demand for long-lasting manufactured goods was the weakest in three years in March, suggesting the economy lost momentum as the first quarter drew to a close.

Marcia Newton took her son Maxx to a hospital where debt collectors were among employees.
Debt Collector Is Faulted for Tough Tactics in Hospitals

One of the United States’ largest medical debt-collection companies is under fire in Minnesota for placing employees in hospitals and demanding patients pay before receiving treatment, documents show.

Insurers Alter Cost Formula, and Patients Pay More

Credit Suisse Profit Falls 96% in First Quarter


Credit Suisse said on Wednesday that profit fell 96 percent in the first quarter, as it continued to contend with the dual headwinds of a new regulatory environment and an economic slump.

Rupert Murdoch appeared before the Leveson Inquiry on Wednesday.
In Testimony, Murdoch Plays Down His Political Pull
By JOHN F. BURNS and ALAN COWELL 20 minutes ago

Speaking before an inquiry on Wednesday, the News Corporation chief, Rupert Murdoch, sought to deflect suggestions that he wielded influence with British officials to further his corporate interests.

Ericsson Reports Strong First-Quarter Earnings

The company said net profit more than doubled on gains from the sale of its stake in a cellphone venture and demand from operators in Latin America, China and Southeast Asia.

Sprint’s Loss Is Less Than Forecast
By BRIAN X. CHEN 41 minutes ago

Sprint Nextel reported a net loss of $863 million, deeper than the loss of $439 million a year ago but less than analysts had expected. The company said revenue climbed 5 percent to $8.73 billion.

Apple Profit Rises on Higher iPhone and iPad Sales

Sales in China helped lift overall iPhone sales by 88 percent over the same quarter a year ago, dispelling fears that sales would lag in nations with lower annual incomes.

Apple Infringes on Motorola Mobility Patent, I.T.C. Says

While the headlines claim (again) that stocks are ‘up’ due to ‘better than expected earnings’ we see only ONE example of this and that was due to a one time charge from the SALE of one of their divisions!

Is this prosperity? Fuck NO! It’s fucking ‘happy talk’.

It is no different than being dismissive of the 50% of the population receiving ‘food assistance’.

It’s mismanagement, it’s a lie and it cannot stand!

Although…you have to admit, it does raise a serious question about how much we will ‘put up with’ so long as we have a roof over our heads and food in our bellies, today?

But I crack the lid on another pot of shit, the hundreds of millions of school kids who live in cars and motels…

Still think we aren’t pushing the breaking point?

We will soon see who is right, keep an eye on the price of energy, that’s what is going to push the whole deal over the edge.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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