Friday, April 13, 2012


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Yesterday’s, er, ‘irrational’ surge in world-wide markets is being followed by a nosedive as we can see from the following headlines:

Wall Street Pulls Back
By REUTERS 23 minutes ago

Shares moved into negative territory and bank stocks declined despite some better-than-expected quarterly results.

But the banking sector ISN’T the freaking entire economy!
Yet we have this nonsense:

JPMorgan Chase's Earnings Beat Expectations
By NELSON D. SCHWARTZ 37 minutes ago

The bank said it earned $1.31 a share in the first quarter of 2012, compared with $1.28 a share in the same period a year ago.

Lookie that! A whooping three fucking cents! (times a billion shares…WTF!)

Wait a minute, is that a mask hanging out of his back pocket next to the gun stuck in his waistband?

And who is that he’s talking to?

Wells Fargo Profit Rises 13%, as Revenue Increases
By BEN PROTESS 46 minutes ago

Wells Fargo reported earnings of $4.2 billion, or 75 cents a share, as its loan portfolio continued to improve.

Banks produce nothing but DEBT, good citizen, which should warn you to what’s going on when the ONLY ‘successful companies’ in your national economy happen to be in the financial sector…

When your economy is dominated by a ‘non-productive’ sector, you end up with this sort of bullshit: [The ten ways our democracy is crumbling]

1. Money and Politics
2. Voter Disenfranchisement
3. Our Skewed Distribution of Income
4. Tax Breaks for the Super-rich
5. Wall Street Bailouts
6. Deficit Hysteria
7. Crumbling Social and Physical Infrastructure
8. The Failure to Create Jobs
9. The Revolving Door
10. Worshiping the Market Gods

Is It Too Late for Democracy?

The game’s not over yet. We still have freedom of expression and the right to protest – more or less. Occupy Wall Street both showed how the debate could be altered, and how easily the authorities could end the encampments. So, it’s an open question whether we have the will to build and sustain a broad, powerful anti-Wall Street movement.

The financial rot is deeply impacting our democratic structures. It should worry us when Wall Street and its political minions warn that we might become the next Greece. They, of course, are referring to the debt crisis. But Greece is also the very place where finance is crushing democracy. Austerity is being rammed down the throats of the Greek people and democratic government can no longer protect the infirm and the unemployed from the onslaught of the oligarchs. It is both sad and frightening that it’s happening at the historical birthplace of democracy.

We all are Greeks.

It is the last remark that most of you should find, er, ‘objectionable’.

Because he’s right, we are still using a ‘highly bastardized’ form of a method created/pioneered by the ANCIENT Greeks.

(I need to tread carefully here as I’m married to one…)

Most of you are aware that I have been, er, ‘openly critical’ of those claiming to be ‘Democrats’ (mostly because their ideology is far from Democratic!)

The ‘bi-partisan legislation’ coming out of this supposedly ‘Democratic administration’ has been decidedly conservative.

And we can only wonder why that is…

Why is it that the only thing our ‘decide in our name without ever consulting us’ politicians can agree on is legislation that is favorable to or protects the already wealthy?

Which is to ask why does the writer of this article NOT champion a ‘purer’ form of democracy if he truly believes in ‘letting the people decide’?

 You see, we Anarchists believe in ‘true democracy’ where we have the RIGHT to vote directly on the law itself! (Anarchy = ‘rules without rulers’!)

What a wonderful world it SHOULD BE, but sadly those who feel compelled to DECIDE FOR US are too fearful to let us decide for ourselves (although they've done more than 'okay' for themselves...)

Which is to point out that there can be NO DEMOCRACY when only a few are allowed to participate in the decision making process!

Which is to point out that we can ALL agree on the basics and what we can’t agree on we probably shouldn’t be legislating!

Just another little something for you to play with from your uncle Gegner…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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