Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Greetings good citizen,

There was no mention in today’s business section (at this time) as to why the world’s stock exchanges are printing mostly red this morning.

This is neither here nor there if you subscribe to the notion that our economy is irreparably broken, as I do.

What should strike many of you as ‘ironic’ is the ultimate, er, ‘repairs’ that will eventually be made to the economy will be along the lines of the ones you can find today within A Simple Plan (probably with most of the ‘responsible parts’ weeded out…just saying, ya know.)

Assuming that the same people in charge of our economy today will be the ones performing the repairs…which seems likely as of this moment.

Could the, er, reversal of fortune for the stock markets be related to this phenomenon?
There are two reasons why this is happening. There are two reasons, for example, why Atlas Van Lines can't find anyone to drive its trucks in Louisville, and why Dallas can only afford to give job training to 43 out of the 23,500 people who have lost their jobs in the last 10 weeks.

The first reason is that conservatives are assholes and they refuse to do anything to help anyone if it costs any taxpayers any money.

The second reason is that conservatives bankrupted this country by slashing taxes on rich people, committing us to over a decade of war in Asia, enacting massive (and poorly designed) new federal programs and entitlements, and failing to regulate Wall Street.

It seems the now extinct ‘tax and spend’ Liberals couldn’t hold a candle to the ‘borrow and spend’ (batshit whacko) Conservatives.

Now governments at all levels across the nation don’t have the funds to keep the nation running…and the conservatives are still seeking way to make the (already) rich, richer…

Didn’t the (expletive) in the White House recently comment that he DOESN’T begrudge the wealthy their money?

Did that make you do a double take as you sat there asking yourself, what the fuck is wrong with this idiot?

Let me ‘break it down’ for you one more time.

The rich are rich BECAUSE of lower prices YOU NEVER see and pay raises and benefits YOU never got.

Worse, in many cases the rich got richer TAKING BACK benefits and pay YOU ‘used to’ enjoy!

The ‘company’ became more profitable while YOU got poorer! What a fucking deal! All so the company could remain ‘competitive’.

What a fucking ‘scam’ that is.

At the end of the day capitalism is all about ‘market share’, if for whatever reason you can’t capture all of the market then the goal is to capture enough so your richer competitor will pay handsomely for you!

Understand that this competition BULLSHIT has absolutely ZERO to do with improving customer service and everything to do with enriching top management and stock manipulators alike.

You’re forced out of a job so some greedy schmuck can pull in a big payday selling out to your (alleged) competitor!

As we have seen, this does little to ‘stabilize’ the economy.

Minimizing the number of participants has a tendency to destabilize the entire society…but there’s money to be made for the terminally short-sighted!

Worse, good citizen, we still have the ‘One in Five’ issue to contend with. Only one in five self-identify as ‘conservative’, which is fairly consistent with Rush Limbaugh listeners AND Fox news viewers!

Which is to point out, as the OWS movement highlights, A MAJORITY OF THE POPULATION IS NOT ‘conservative’.

So all of this conservative legislation they’re passing is at the feet of whom?

Why this debacle lies squarely at the feet of the people who make decisions in our name without EVER consulting us!

How about this November we ‘let ‘em know’ that we aren’t gonna take it anymore?

I mean what the hell, president Obama already has legislation ‘in place’ so they can enact martial law at a moment’s notice…which is to admonish you that IF YOU PROTEST, be prepared to fight fire with fire!

Oh yeah…the battle won’t end when the crowds disperse. Be certain to take names so you can track’em down BEFORE they track YOU down!

The people enforcing the status quo are traitors and should be treated as such.

On the surface they’re just doing their job but by joining the riot squad, they have quite literally ‘voted with their feet’ and deserve full measure for the crimes they are going to commit against those they were sworn to ‘protect’…

Which highlights the seriousness of the ‘legal problem’ we, as a society, are confronted with.

Those who stand with the wicked shall reap their punishment.

And, PS, by the way, those unfortunate enough to be the progeny or the spouse of such a traitor are ‘fair game’, no provision will be made to care for the wives or children of the patriots killed or imprisoned by the forces of the greedy and ruthless few.

If you are brave enough to stand up for your rights, take heart that those who oppose you will be shown ‘no quarter’ nor any mercy.

How ironic is it that the coming face-off has taken on all of the properties of a ‘jihad’ for this is truly a battle of ‘brother against brother’.

Those doing the dying in this contest will have more in common with one another than the feckless cowards whose money they accept.

And that is, once again the REAL ‘kick in the pants’.

All money is ‘funny’ (and it’s going to get amazingly ‘funny’ before this is done!) So what are these idiots really fighting for?

Truth be told, the fuckers are fighting for the right to ENSLAVE YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN!

Freedom lies in only one direction, A Simple Plan, an idea whose time has come!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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