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Greetings good citizen,

I know most of you have me pegged as one of the first to get ‘disappeared’ come the ‘crackdown’ (and you’re probably right.) If you’re looking for a ‘canary’ to watch in this whacko coal mine of ours, you could do worse than keeping an eye on this page.

So it might come as a surprise to you that my latest effort to tempt fate tackles the thorny issue of  ‘revolution’:

America's greatness and prosperity was built on the strength of her working and middle classes. Together, we — the 99 percent — built the world's strongest democracy, enforced the rule of law, provided for the common defense, promoted the general welfare, established an ever-rising standard of justice, ensured domestic tranquility and secured the blessings of liberty for many generations of American families.

Now, our 99 percent way of life is gone, devoured by an elite 1 percent who took over our own government and used it against us to seize both the personal and the common wealth amassed for us by generations of our ancestors and provided to us by the bounty of this land.

We want our American birthright back. We want to restore rule by the 99 percent. We want the elites to return our futures and our government to us. We will challenge them by every means we can find until this happens.

We are not going away. Their 1 percent's dream of an American feudal state is over. Our American dream of sustainable prosperity and opportunity for the rest of us is now beginning — again.

[Note: this text was italicized in the original article.]

You’re tempted to add to that last line something like ‘I hope we’re ‘luckier’ this time…’ because we didn’t make out too good last time.

In fact, things went south right out of the box last time.

Ya know, it scares the daylights out of me to see people advocating revolution without spelling out (in this case, not even vaguely) what we’re revolting for.

Just re-read the first line. That’s the sort of (BS) that makes historians mouth’s water.

Empty platitudes that tell you only vaguely ‘what’ and not at all about ‘how’.

I’m pleased to say A Simple Plan doesn’t suffer from either of these ‘deficiencies’.

Of course, then there’s the ‘mythical’ six people you can’t run a revolution without…

Which are enumerated for us as follows:





Supportive Elites

The Masses

Ahem, I’ll give the writer the ‘benefit of the doubt’ that these ‘groups’ are in no particular order.

Then I’ll belabor the obvious, if you don’t get the masses riled enough to at least ‘defend’ you, then you’re gonna end up in jail before you know what hit you.

Activists are NOT revolutionaries, in fact they are most often focused on working ‘inside’ the current system, a system they have little interest in disrupting.

Intellectuals? Seriously? WTF!

It might be nice to have the art’s community on your side but it’s only gonna help if they can shoot straight!

Er, if you have the people you’re trying to overthrow on your team, the only thing you’re doing is helping them escape prosecution for their numerous crimes…worse, you’re spreading the ‘welcome mat’ for them to screw us all (again.)

The, er, frightening statistics are that most ‘revolutions’ are fought by a tiny minority of the population, but ‘sympathy for the revolution’ has to be near universal!

This also explains why most ‘popular revolutions’ are, er, ‘co-opted’ almost immediately after the dust settles (sometimes even before that!) the people you threw out of power retake control BEFORE you get a chance to change anything! (What they do to hide their treachery is make superficial changes that change nothing.)

Then there are ‘supportive elites’, just what we need in our leaderless world, more stuffed shirts!

Yup, like I comment above, you don’t even need the masses, there is already enough support in this country (I’d dare say any country) for a popular revolt to succeed…‘sight unseen!’

The sad truth is the primary goal of any revolution is to wipe out the former ruling class, that is the ONLY way you will enjoy a ‘fresh start’.

And if we don’t achieve a ‘fresh start’ PDQ, we are doomed as a species.

So imagine my excitement when I spy the ‘recipe for revolution’ ready to distribute and it turns out to be another plea to sit in a big circle, hold hands and sing ‘kum-by-ya’…

Seriously good citizen, the ground is plenty ‘fertile’ and the time is right. Mismanagement by the powers that be has been colossal (and also deliberate) fostering massive ‘ill will’ against the ‘status quo’.

All we need is our own ‘One Percent’ to coalesce into an army. (That is the same percentage as fought in the ‘original’ revolution…)

Hell, good citizen, how fucking scary is it that the ones responsible for this CF are trying to incite a revolt too? (Only you won’t be too happy with how that will turn out.)

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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