Thursday, April 19, 2012


Greetings good citizen,

Wall Street is hopping up and down while traders continue to call sow’s ears silk purses.

As we can observe from this headline from today’ NY Times:

Trading on Wall Street Is Mixed

Stocks opened with a slight lift as investors grappled with euro zone uncertainty, a raft of corporate earnings and softer-than-expected data on the American labor market.

Um, I’ll bet that last bit caught your eye!

We are all left wondering just who it is that keeps getting surprised by these very straight-forward, cause and effect results.

Worse, is the raft of bank stocks that lost money but not as much as some (obvious moron) ‘estimated’ they would. Why something like that turns the whole situation into a ‘net positive’ is beyond stupid.

But let’s not get into what our so-called ‘betters’ think of us right now, shall we?

In other news, the man most often considered to be a ‘living fossil’ because he’s been in the public eye for so long has passed away.

Yup, Dick Clark is dead. Ironically, his obituary not only outline his long and distinguished career but it also ballparks the fortune he left behind!

Um, a fortune that did the guy who accumulated it absolutely no good and is unlikely to do anyone else any good now that he’s passed away.

How pathetic is it that IF it is donated to ‘charity’ the administrator of that charity will pay HIM/HERSELF 80 to 90 cents on the dollar as ‘salary’ for overseeing the fund…

Any amassed fortune is always thus: Lower prices the consumer never saw AND higher wages the workers never received!

Did I mention our commerce system is both highly illogical and moronic…besides being beyond repair?

Well, it’s worse than you might imagine good citizen. It’s one thing to visualize what foreclosures are doing to our society and quite another to read actual accounts of people being turned out of their homes.

Understand that most of the incidents listed are ‘outliers’, normally, the average individual/family is nowhere to be found when the Sheriff comes knocking to throw them out. (And we have ‘stage fright’ to thank for that…and the typical sheriff usually does smile when this common human foible does his job for him.)

I don’t have ‘hard numbers’ on how many foreclosures turn into Mexican stand-offs because the (corporate owned) media keeps these incidents of 'bureaucratic brutality' out of the public eye.

Naturally, the banks have received trillions in ‘bail-outs’ (Hank Paulson’s $700 billion was just ‘eyewash’, chicken feed, compared to what the financial sector really needed!) So why are the, and let’s not sugar coat this, ‘people responsible’ for this disaster still trying to collect by forcing people out of their homes?

It seriously begs the question, good citizen, of how many times the public, in its role as the taxpayer, is going to be forced to pay for this?

Weirder still is this BS is going on in a feeble attempt to (re) enforce the idea that a contract is still a contract (depending on who the counter party is.)

If the deal is between you and the bank, a deal is a deal and the fuck you, pay me part stands…but if the deal is between an investor and a bank, well suddenly your ‘deal’ is ‘negotiable’.

And if the deal is between the bank and the government, forget about it.

YOU have to make the bank whole regardless of how stupidly they handled the transaction!

Did I mention that what passes for our justice system is also FUBAR?

The only way to fix it is to purge it completely.

Restoring confidence in a new system will require us to deal harshly with the administrators of the old, corrupt system.

I belabor the obvious when I point out that ANY ‘new administration’ will be suspect until it ‘proves’ itself.

Under A Simple Plan there is only ONE contract and that is the contract between the individual and society itself.

It is your agreement to surrender your labor in exchange for having ALL of your needs addressed. (And you do have a ‘choice’, you can choose not to surrender your labor and you will be provided with free transport to any nation that accepts you…but this is a one way ticket, you can NEVER come back.)

All free with no taxes (which were actually invented as a means of paying ‘owners’ for shit that wasn’t theirs in the first place!)

You will still be obliged to ‘pay’ for food and other high demand perishables, but not to worry, your labor will be compensated commensurate with your experience/skill level.

This is ‘money’ as it was intended to operate, as a ‘regulator’ for scarce items.

More curious is you can neither gift nor bequeath your money when you die, your money is for YOU and you alone. EVERYONE ‘earns their own way’ under A Simple Plan.

As an addendum to the above ‘choice’ you have, should you reject A Simple Plan and the country that welcomes you subsequently decided to adopt A Simple Plan, you will be expelled from that country and provided free transport to anywhere that will accept you. (So be careful who you piss off because countries that adopt A Simple Plan will NOT trade with countries that are ‘unaligned’, making those places technologically backwards by default.)

In the unlikely event that there is no place left to ‘adopt’ you, a die hard ‘rugged individualist’, you will be transported to a desert isle to cope as best you can with the resources available. (Um, desert means ‘uninhabited’ and by no means guarantees ‘habitability’, refuse a sure bet (ASP) and you takes your chances.)

A Simple Plan, the choice is yours!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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