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Considering the ‘Land of the Free’ also boasts the world’s largest prison population we probably shouldn’t be too surprised by this disturbing development
The case is among thousands across the country fueling a long-simmering debate over when educators should bring in the police to deal with disruptive students. A 6-year-old Georgia kindergartner became the latest test case last week when she was hauled off in steel handcuffs after throwing books and toys in a school tantrum.

"Kids are being arrested for being kids," said Shannon Kennedy, a civil rights attorney who has filed a class-action lawsuit against Albuquerque's public school district and its police department on behalf of hundreds of kids arrested for minor offenses over the past few years, including having cellphones in class, destroying a history book and inflating a condom.

Civil rights advocates and criminal justice experts say frustrated teachers and principals are calling in the police too often to deal with the most minor disturbances. But other teachers say a police presence that has grown in response to zero tolerance policies of the 1990s and tragedies like the Columbine High massacre is needed to keep teachers and well-behaved students safe.

Ironic as the topic of this morning’s radio broadcast on NPR (increasingly becoming National Republican Radio, gotta get that ‘P’ out of there!) was ‘racial profiling’ and the ‘problem’ this presents law enforcement personnel.

In defense of racial profiling (or more succinctly, in denial) was the statement that we all must think cops are outright racists if we were to believe they were being ‘bigoted’ in the performance of their duties.

No, the truth of the matter is we all KNOW cops are too fucking stupid to deal with juvenile offenders sensitively…

I mean, they busted a six-year old who was obviously having a ‘bad day’. WTF, good citizen!

There’s one ‘badge’ that needs to be flushed down the toilet, pronto! and, in fairness, a teacher who needs to find another line of work!

Just as bad as Out of Control cops are the O.O.C. teachers who call them into their classrooms!

Worse, good citizen, it appears we have an epidemic on our hands…and the fucking Corporate Owned Media doesn’t breathe a whisper about this heavy handed policing that is taking place right under our noses!

And what is the ultimate ‘verdict’ rendered here? Unfit parents. Not unfit teachers with hair triggers or idiot cops who will bust anyone (even a six-year old) on someone else’s say-so…

Do you think we have a ‘problem’ here…because it appears a majority of these kids are getting ‘records’ (although the fucking dickwads causing our children to be arrested instead of imposing detention or a more suitable punishment deny it) that will, because we’ve seen it ourselves, NEVER GET ERASED.

These juvenile offenses will follow these kids to their GRAVES, because that IS the ‘mentality’ behind busting kids for being kids!

Which is to ask, where is the criminal statute against ‘possession of a cell phone?’

What did the cop bust the kid for? Certainly not possession, so it must be a ‘civil disobedience’ charge.

And do YOU honestly think something like THAT is going to be ‘purged’ from your child’s ‘permanent record’?

You know how they ‘purge’ this stuff don’t you? They don’t remove the document and destroy it (unless you pay a crooked cop to ‘fix’ your records) No, they just make a note beside it, leaving it there for whoever pulls your records later in life, to haunt you.

Worse, future fucktard can read (and act on) this information, PRETENDING they didn’t see it because it was marked ‘deleted’.

Worse, if YOU ask to see your files, they WILL make sure to ‘pull’ all of the stuff marked as ‘deleted’ so all you see is the stuff you already know is there!

Which is to say you will NEVER succeed in asking to see your files, and have someone walk over, pull them up on a screen and print them out…

NO, you will have to file a information request and they will MAIL them to you…so someone can take the time to ‘edit’ the parts that they would surely be sued for if anyone else saw them!

But then we have the opposite end of the dilemma to deal with, good luck finding a lawyer willing to take THAT case!

Worse, good luck finding a court willing to hear it (because what passes for our ‘Justice system’ is totally corrupt.)

So today’s Big Red Flag is OOC policing in our classrooms that will/is making an appearance in our workplaces.

Since schools ‘main objective’ is to train you to be an OBEDIENT and (semi) competent worker (in that order,) how long do you think it will be before the boss has you arrested and fined for being late? (Or ‘stealing’ for taking too long to return from break?)

[Which is a rhetorical question, I am well aware that we are already there and beyond already! It has become so commonplace that it doesn’t make the news…which should surprise no one.]

We (sadly) already know that the cops ‘do what they’re told’. Heaven forbid they think for themselves! (Or they’d know better than to arrest a six-year old! But maybe I expect too much from a college educated adult with ‘public relations training’…I mean seriously, WTF!)

Equally as bad is how the corporate owned media thinks this ISN’T ‘newsworthy’!

The very foundations of our civilization are under attack by (ruthless) profiteers and our media is mute about it?

Well, that isn’t true either, is it? Because here’s a story about exactly that from a major national publication…

But it ISN’T a story about OOC teachers and cops, no! It’s a story about A FUCKING LAWSUIT against the STATE OF ARIZONA (in the Republic of Lunatics) about OOC policing!

This is, good citizen, a very damning indictment of our badly broken society.

It is not a question of whether or not we have crossed the line but if our knee-jerk reactions have driven sanity and judgement out of our daily affairs?

Which is to point out what we all know, the ‘search for excellence’ should remain, ever and always a ‘metaphorical’ pursuit.

The thing we need to have ‘zero tolerance’ policies for is zero tolerance policies!

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