Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Criminally Insane

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Talk about a fucked up world, the Dow is up as of this moment and the only thing keeping it there is the ‘safe haven’ phenomenon…people consider US bank stocks the ‘safest’ investment out there because they have the ‘full faith and backing’ of a decidedly corrupt US government!

Or at least that is what the latest bungled banking crisis has proven.

Makes you wonder how long it will be before people realize the government is even more corrupt than the banking system?

Perhaps the more interesting question is how many of the politically ignorant will get roped in by the lies of Libertarianism?
But hey, our ruling class would shit a brick if any of that wealth redistribution stuff happened over here. Which is why “this is a center-right nation” has been a favorite Fox News talking point for over 10 years. It’s only now—after Occupy Wall Street forced their hand—that the media is finally willing to admit that it might be bullshit.

But libertarianism? Our ruling class is totally fine with that. Smoke your reefer and sodomize whomever you please, just keep your mouth shut and hand over your Social Security account.

When a Red like me wants to argue for something like universal healthcare or free college tuition, we can point to dozens of wealthy democratic societies doing just that. The Stalinist left is nothing more than a faint memory. But where (are) the libertarian Utopias?

I have made no secret of my intense dislike for Libertarians, who are nothing more than thinly disguised, social Darwinist, Randites.

In my humble opinion the whole article is a fairly accurate, if somewhat ‘lenient’ description of the Libertarian movement.

When you see idiocy like this, you know you’re listening to a moron: “The libertarian line: “No, no: the problem isn’t that we’re too capitalist. It’s that we’re not capitalist enough!”

Seriously? Rape the planet until it can’t support anyone, eat the unproductive until there’s no one left to breed with anymore and wail at the moon as you die alone of starvation because there is nobody to cook for your rugged individualistic ass!

If someone says “I’m a Libertarian’, hit ‘em over the head with the heaviest object you can find and don’t stop until their ears bleed (profusely)

Because the motherfucker has just admitted that he has absolutely NO PROBLEM with EATING YOU!

That’s what it means to be a Libertarian!

And if you know someone who spouts this pro-capitalist bullshit, forward this post to them, then sit back and listen to the back-pedaling.

There’s ‘freedom’ and there’s ‘fucked up’ and Libbies are FUCKED UP!

The whole idea of a generation (or even an individual) ‘gone Galt’ is a serious mental defect only the One Percent could praise.

But now we’re talking a whole different breed of ‘defective’.

So yeah, there is a close relationship between the >One Percent and the Libertarians (also known as the ‘Rabid Capitalist wannabes’.)

Neither gives a fig for the bulk of humanity, who in their mind deserves what happens to them because they don’t fight back.

Which leads us to the difficulty we are in today. We don’t execute the > One percent out of hand today because they have ‘rights’, rights they regularly deny the rest of us but we’ve been brought up to believe that it is ‘due process’ that separates us from the animals of this world.

It is only when the situation gets out of hand as it is today that due process should be temporarily swept aside.

Yes, it is extremely dangerous to even suggest forfeiting the rights of others but they swept them aside first by repealing Habeas Corpus.

By denying you your legal rights to question your imprisonment, they forfeit their right to a trial or a jury of their peers!

Did I mention this is going to get extremely ugly before it’s over?

It is the little things like this that have led me to conclude that the objective of throwing our civilization into its own cesspool is to kill off as much of the ‘surplus population’ as they can.

As much as many of you may not agree with that assessment.

I think the ONLY thing saving us from abrupt nuclear obliteration is the uncertainty factor. The fuckers don’t want to poison the WHOLE planet, killing off their own (largely worthless) progeny

Nor are they keen to kill off the ‘hired help’, the enablers who make ‘the good life’ possible.

So the sledgehammer is out…unless we ‘mud-people’ start getting the upper hand.

Just an opinion here but if we can’t rein in our (criminally) insane then perhaps we don’t deserve to survive as a species.

But how sad will it be if we allow the criminally insane to decide for the rest of us?

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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