Sunday, August 12, 2012

Decision 2012

Greetings good citizen,

It is sometimes difficult to determine which is more lamentable, the tone-deafness of our current (as well as would be) leaders or the stunning lack of choice being offered by the (now impossible to tell apart) major political parties.

Much, er, ‘showmanship’ is being expended to drive home the idea that our long defunct political system is ‘suddenly incapable’ of governing the nation.

Just as the Corporate Owned Media has been tireless in their ‘squelching’ of the Occupy movement and their divisive message of US vs. the >One Percent.

In yet another disconcerting message from those pretending to be Democrats, we are reminded of just how hard our hands are being forced:
A large segment of what we will call the ‘progressive forces’ in US politics approach US elections generally, and Presidential elections in particular, as if: (1) we have more power on the ground than we actually possess, and (2) the elections are about expressing our political outrage at the system. Both get us off on the wrong foot.

The US electoral system is among the most undemocratic on the planet. Constructed in a manner so as to guarantee an ongoing dominance of a two party duopoly, the US electoral universe largely aims at reducing so-called legitimate discussion to certain restricted parameters acceptable to the ruling circles of the country. Almost all progressive measures, such as Medicare for All or Full Employment, are simply declared ‘off the table.’ In that sense there is no surprise that the Democratic and Republican parties are both parties of the ruling circles, even though they are quite distinct within that sphere.

The nature of the US electoral system--and specifically the ballot restrictions and ‘winner-take-all’ rules within it--encourages or pressures various class fractions and demographic constituency groups to establish elite-dominated electoral coalitions. The Democratic and Republican parties are, in effect, electoral coalitions or party-blocs of this sort, unrecognizable in most of the known universe as political parties united around a program and a degree of discipline to be accountable to it. We may want and fight for another kind of system, but it would be foolish to develop strategy and tactics not based on the one we actually have.

I dunno about the rest of you but there is only ONE party out there with Worker in its name and that’s who I’m voting for!

Neither the (now defunct) Democrats nor the Republicans (also nearly defunct) give a flying F about the worker…and if we don’t take care of our workers, we won’t have a nation left to salvage.

Um, it is one of the founding principles of A Simple Plan, the recognition of the fact that the world all around us is the product of workers everywhere getting their sorry ass out of bed each day and going to do what they’re paid to do!

It really is that ‘simple’.

Without ‘workers’, none of it happens…and even the ungrateful >One Percent knows it.

Now, for those of you who don’t possess a dictionary, I will provide you with a definition of a word that has been ‘demonized’ by the (incurably stupid) right and that word is the first word of the party that has workers as part of its name.

That word is ‘Socialist’.

I see (largely clueless) kids ranting on the Internet that Mr. Obama is turning America ‘Socialist’.

But our children are to be forgiven for their ignorance (which they inherit from their parents.)

Would that it were kiddos! Would that it were.

Because EVERY ‘public good’ you can point to in our collapsing civilization is the product of ‘Socialism’. Otherwise known as ‘the collective will of the people.’

It is this ‘collective will’ that the >One Percent wishes to stamp out!

It is disconcerting to see how the bought and paid for media has things reversed.

They preach Socialism = Bad and Capitalism = good when just the opposite is true.

Worse, it is the capitalist’s overcharging for ‘socially funded’ projects that give socialism it’s ‘bad name’.

Your average school or roadway costs the public three times what its private sector equivalent does.

And that is just wrong…it also displays how greedy capitalists are.

In fact if you look at the ‘great fortunes’ amassed across the economic landscape, MOST of them came from public contracts…and more than a few are/were ‘war profiteers’!

So as we head into the last three months before we get to pretend we decide anything that goes on around here, you’d best start thinking about who you’re gonna vote for, not that it matters.

The Oligarchs have already cast their ballots and the conservo-loonies won!

But you needn’t take my word for it, you can wait ‘til November and hear it from the Corporate Owned Media.

Remembering all the while just how ‘divided’ the 99 Percent is.

And if that don’t stick in your craw, maybe you deserve a King.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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