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Unemployment is up, sales are down, the stock market is up and nobody knows why…we can only guess this may have something to do with astounding failure of the justice system to find ANY criminal wrongdoing throughout the financial sector. The debacle at MF Global being the latest disaster to be ‘swept under the rug’.

In a tiny ‘change of pace’ I have selected today’s top three headlines rather than the top stories out of the business section…just to demonstrate where the corporate owned media’s priorities are at:
Despite Alarm by U.S., Europe Lets Hezbollah Operate Openly

Washington and Jerusalem insist Hezbollah is a resurgent terrorist group with Iranian backing, but the European Union treats it as a Lebanese social and political movement.
Weird how this one lends itself to the old ‘consider the source’ axiom. The warmongering whackos at the Pentagon and their Middle Eastern branch office believe EVERYBODY living near the Saudi Peninsula are card carrying members of Al Queida!

(At least that’s the assumption behind the drone strikes being carried out over there!)

If we were to lend any credibility to the claims of Hezbollah being a terrorist group we would first have to admit that the Republicans are Hezbollah’s US equivalent.

If we were to consider that it is Republican filibuster that is keeping the drone air strike program going, we might even have to conclude they are MORE DANGEROUS than a civic organization that promotes the rights of Muslims.

But that’s just a ‘perspective’, good citizen. You’re left to decide on your own if everyone who wears a turban is a threat to you and your children…or if the ‘clear and present danger’ isn’t the oil market-manipulating capitalists?

Um, Why bring it up if it wasn’t one of today’s top headlines…
No Criminal Case Is Likely in Loss at MF Global

Investigators are expected to conclude that sloppiness, not criminal intent, was the main driver behind the disappearance of customer money.

Seriously? They’re wheeling out the old ‘incompetence defense’ after they hacked away decades of regulations and bought off the inspectors?

The act of ‘legalizing’ these crimes is a crime itself! There are battalions of lawyers who should be disbarred for their part in laying the groundwork for the inevitable collapse of our civilization, but no!

It is all being chalked up to ‘incompetence and sloppy procedures!’

Could the same be said of the Justice Department’s ‘failure to prosecute’?

Again, that is for YOU to decide…

Lastly, we have yet another ‘disturbing disconnect’ on display:
Years After Haiti Quake, Safe Housing Is a Dream for Many

Two and a half years after the earthquake, the pressing need for safe, stable housing for all displaced people in Haiti remains unmet, despite billions of dollars in reconstruction aid.

I believe, statistically speaking, the western half of Hispanola (commonly referred to as Haiti) remains the most (officially) impoverished place on the planet.

Unfortunately there are a multitude of contenders for ‘second place’ here in our capitalism dominated world.

Haiti is, and has been ‘characterized’ as being a bastion of ‘shocking poverty’ so it is, er, ‘disingenuous’ to imply, as this headline does, that there ever was an abundance of ‘safe stable homes’ on Haiti.

Part of the reason why the earthquake was so destructive is due to there being no building codes to speak of over there.

Haiti is the poster child for your classic Banana Republic.

A relative handful live in the lap of luxury while the majority struggles with shocking poverty.

As close as I can tell, fundraising efforts are still ongoing to provide relief…but as the article points out, relief remains virtually non-existent, despite billions being donated.

But that’s the way Banana Republics operate, billions up top, crumbs at the bottom.

Looks suspiciously like the way things operate over here in the US, don’t they?

The >One Percenters have more than they can spend while the rest of us jump through hoops, struggling to keep our heads above water with paychecks that don’t crack our expenses…

But that’s our problem, isn’t it?

Well, I’m ready to put this ‘wake up call’ in the can (with all the rest.)

Take a good look around you and TRY to be honest with yourself about what you see.

If you don’t see a society on the edge, you gotta lay off the Kool Aide (or the Prozac, pick one!)

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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