Monday, August 20, 2012


Greetings good citizen,

Apparently nobody worries when stock markets around the world reflect reality as they are all bleeding from the eye-sockets at the moment.

How disturbing is it to watch them rise irrationally, knowing that our economy is broken and yet ‘stocks’ (the principal reason rich people are rich) continue to rise…inexplicably.

Once again we return to the heart of the matter and the obvious solution to the, er, ‘unemployment crisis’.

Part one of the task of achieving ‘full employment’ is to cut the workweek in half, thereby doubling the number of workers needed instantly!

Naturally, there’s a minor problem with this proposal, If you cut people’s paycheck in half you also need to reduce their expenses by roughly the same amount…and if we are to ‘speed the recovery’ providing demand a much needed kick-start, we’d reduce the expense picture even more!

I propose we start here:
A Measure of Change
Cautious Moves on Foreclosures Haunting Obama

President Obama’s response to the housing crisis was deliberately subdued, and some economists believe stronger action could have softened the economic impact.

Graphic: What Happened to Homeowners Seeking Help

What do they tell these guys before they accept the ‘job’ of being their ‘lapdog’?

We’re going to kick the crap out of you in the press but when you’re done you’ll be living large on Easy Street, heck, they’ll give you our own library and even name an aircraft carrier after you!

Which is to belabor the obvious. We know why nothing has been fixed. It was Pinocchio’s job to make sure nothing got fixed or prosecuted.

A simple task and he excelled at it.

We can only hope he’s happy with the broken world he’s leaving his children…not that his kids will have to worry about it.

But knowing these asshats, his grandchildren are probably ‘Scroomed!’

[The ‘assumption’ here is that a ‘correction’ doesn’t land on him (or his) with both feet, squishing them all flat, but that’s the chance he took when he accepted the job.]

Still blows my mind that he thinks he’s going to get away with it…it is only thanks to him that the Smirking Chimp is still a free man.

Now his, er, ‘continued freedom’ relies on Willard and Ryan keeping a lid on things until he can ‘slip away’.

Although I’m in the camp that believes Willard’s election will spark a revolt that will sweep the world.

Outrage over an obviously ‘stolen election’. But you all know that Willard is Mitt’s real name.

Willard was also the title of the first film about homicidal rats…


Naturally, I digress…(sometimes worse than others…)

Where were we? Ah yes, we were fixing the unemployment crisis in a couple of simple to understand sentences.

[Seriously, good citizen, how many of you think I should be ‘in charge’? I poll horribly with the One percent but pretty much everybody else likes the idea!]

I would reduce the average citizen’s expense picture to virtually nothing because in the end the true purpose of commerce is not to make a few ungrateful assholes rich, it is established to meet your needs!

When it fails to meet your needs and we end up with a huge bucket load of assholes, it’s time to start over!

Hard to say what’s more disturbing…the fact that our grandparents gave the capitalists a ‘second chance’ and they turned around and went right back to their old ways or the fact that most of us are standing here bewildered, uncertain about what to do next?

Under A Simple Plan, a roof over your head and a job that pays a living wage are you’re ‘rights’!

You have a right to participate in society! Participation should not be predicated on making yourself into an income stream for an economic parasite commonly called an ‘employer’!

Same goes for the roof over your head, it is your right and not somebody else’s college tuition plan for THEIR kids!

If we are to survive as a species we must put a stop to this ceaseless screwing of anyone who crosses our path…in that respect we are only millimeters away from being better off killing each other on sight.

As I am fond of saying, I’m not here to tell you what to think, my job is to provide you with something to think about.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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