Monday, August 13, 2012

The Former number 2...

Greetings good citizen,

Markets are once again ‘cliff-diving’ as jaw-boning a global recovery becomes less and less effective…a tactic that continues to be proven wrong at every juncture and by every measure.

When ‘improvement’ is seen it has proven to be both miniscule and massaged…which is to say it is ‘statistically indistinguishable’ from the margin of error in the reported data.

Which usually turns out to have been ‘wildly optimistic’ when it is examined again later.

But hey, what’s happening doesn’t matter, it’s what YOU BELIEVE that matters.

Well, every once in a while things pop up to remind us that the world’s second largest economy tanked over two decades ago (due to globalization) and has yet to recover.
The preliminary estimate for the three months through June is sharply lower than the revised 5.5 percent annual rate of gross domestic product growth in the first quarter. The second-quarter figure fell short of the median forecast of 2.3 percent among 24 economists surveyed by Bloomberg News, and it signaled that the recovery after the earthquake and tsunami of last year might be stalling.

The slowdown has also highlighted economic worries just days after Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda won his bid to double the Japanese sales tax to tackle swelling public debt, with the upper house of Parliament passing the increase Friday. The last sales tax increase, in 1997, snuffed out any hope of a strong recovery from the Japanese banking crisis of the 1990s, and opponents of Mr. Noda have warned that the latest increase in the tax could lead to a similar slowdown.

At a board meeting last week, the Bank of Japan held back from easing monetary policy, saying that reconstruction demand in the wake of the tsunami was continuing to drive economic growth. But the central bank cut its outlook for exports and output, citing global economic risks, and it signaled that it was ready to expand stimulus again if needed.

Do we really need to play ‘Mirror, mirror’ here? Aren’t we headed down the very same ‘primrose path’ Japan was forced down more than twenty years ago?

Which begs the question of, ‘was Japan the ‘dry run’ for what the oligarchs eventually DID to the US?’

National ‘economic suicide’ through financial fraud.

Ironically, Japan’s banking sector problems are being blamed on ‘Organized Crime’.

Worse good citizen, take a drive down any US highway and what do you see? Toyota’s and Hondas, all being driven by unemployed Americans!

What does this tell you good citizen?

That SOMEBODY in Japan is still raking in the big bucks…but all of those ‘profits’ are going into the pockets of a decidedly corrupt banking sector.

I know you were thinking something different and you’re right, but that’s not the point I am attempting to make.

The ‘focus’ here is on the ‘global’ > One Percent.

Which I’d like to think I’ve made it pretty clear the problems our civilization is faced with are ‘global’ in nature…meaning the perps are operating on a global basis.

So when I comment that ‘the destruction of our civilization proceeds apace, I’m not just talking about the USA, I’m talking EVERYWHERE!

You might want to ‘test drive’ the idea of a ‘global monarchy’ in your head (as reprehensible as that idea is) for a while so you aren’t totally blind-sided when they, er, ‘coronate’ the new King and Queen of the planet!

(It’s either that or we go ALL ‘Orwell’ and find ourselves divided into perpetually warring factions with the ‘third’ party alternating between the role of ally and enemy, meaning you can never completely trust them.)

For the second time I emphasize the point: Reality doesn’t matter, it’s what you BELIEVE that counts!

And the bought and paid for corporate owned media regularly fill YOUR noggin with shit pudding, occasionally swapping the cherry on top with a different variety of turd.

Worse, good citizen…the media keeps on (subtly) blaming YOU for not acting when you actually never had the opportunity to act!

After convincing you that 20% is somehow 50%, it is the ‘unknown’ whackos out there who keep voting against what’s ‘good for the country’.

This is how they’re going to sell the Romney/Ryan ticket to you…that there are more whacko Tea Partiers out there than you know!

Mind you they could only account for 30,000 of ‘em at the peak of their popularity but you’re gonna be told that they ‘carried’ the election for a >One Percent ‘underdog’…

And it’s a meaningless question to ask ‘how stupid do they think we are’ if you continue to do nothing about it?

Look at everything they’ve gotten away with to date:

They have effectively ‘ended’ welfare.

The have exported our manufacturing sector.

They have provided aid and material comfort to our enemies (and profited mightily in the exchange.)

The have cheated tens of millions out of their retirement funds. They literally bankrupted the global financial network…and nobody has been prosecuted.

So maybe it’s time to step back for a moment and look at what happened to the world’s ‘second largest economy’ and think about ‘why’ it happened?

You don’t suppose there was a little ‘criminal element’ involved, do you?

Just keep standing there, the boys will be along in a little while to fit you with your new cement overshoes.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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