Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Greetings good citizen,

In case you were wondering, the collapse of our civilization proceeds unimpeded, not that any of you were expecting to be rescued anytime soon.

Unemployment is still at crisis proportions while the famine is gathering steam as safety nets around the planet are exhausted.

Not a pretty picture but at least the nonsense (stock) markets are ‘sympathetic’ (all in the red as of 9:00 AM 8/22)

Not that it matters to the average grunt out there.

Can you say ‘scroomed’? (Get used to it, it’s gonna be a word!)

Funny how the direction things are headed in is NOT where they are going to end up, although this article doesn’t paint a pretty picture regarding the future of work:
Almost one-third of American workers now do some kind of freelance work—and they lack almost every kind of economic security that permanent full-time workers have traditionally had.

Though exact figures are impossible to find, many experts and labor organizers estimate that about 30 percent of U.S. workers are “contingent.” That means they don’t have a permanent job. They work as freelancers, temporary workers, on contract, or on call, or their employers define them (often illegally) as “independent contractors.”

Their ranks include writers and warehouse workers, janitors and business consultants, truck drivers and graphic designers—and their number is rising. Richard Greenwald, a sociologist of work and professor at St. Joseph’s College in Brooklyn, estimates that their share of the U.S. workforce has increased by close to half in the last ten years. In July, Staffing Industry Analysts reported that the average share of contingent workers at companies it surveyed had gone up by one-third since 2009, to 16 percent. Last year, a different survey found that contingent workers averaged 22 percent of the workers at 200 large companies.

This is a disturbing trend established back in the Seventies, right after they started disassembling our economy and shipping the working pieces overseas.

Not only did the jobs go but the equipment to do the job went too!

So we couldn’t make the stuff ourselves even if we wanted to.

And guess what? We were perfectly happy making these items for ourselves. NONE of the work shipped overseas ‘begged to go’; the tens of millions of unemployed DID NOT clasp their hands with joy and cry, “I hope I like my next job better!”

Even though many did ‘pray’ that they WOULD ‘do better’ only to end up accepting less because they didn’t have the skills the new jobs required…despite those requirements being ‘pie in the sky’.

Oh, they ‘short-sheeted’ us good!

And why? So they could post bigger profits for their ‘share-owners’…and you know who owns the most shares in any given enterprise?

The owners! (It sure as hell ain’t the workers!)

Um, in case you were wondering, the ‘cheaper there’ (the places all of these jobs went to) is an ‘artificial construct’…it doesn’t really exist.

It came about through ‘currency manipulation’ that formed the basis for the outright fraud that bankrupted the global economy today.

But you’re never going to read that in a corporate owned media press release…or maybe you will, after the crash when distribution drops to zero!

THEN you’ll see all of these so-called ‘journalists’ rushing to ‘scoop’ one another with stories us old people already know.

Naturally, being who we are, the ‘blame game’ will start and those with the megaphone are going to blame the rest of us for not ‘standing up’ (when the courts were hanging whistleblowers out to dry with frightening regularity!)

Yup, it will be ‘our fault’ we ‘didn’t protest in the streets’ after our justice system proved repeatedly that it had failed.

And there’s no doubt that we’ve all known this for a very long time…so it’s ‘our fault’.

What we don’t see is the danger this situation presents.

Because the same people who broke the justice system are NOT the people who should be allowed to ‘fix it’.

But that’s the thing that makes bloody revolution inevitable. The criminals start prosecuting the people who protest their illegal behavior, which turns the public against them.

But as we also know, the criminals don’t care what you think, it’s what you believe that matters!

Because what you believe is what you will act upon!

And once you believe that the criminals are helping themselves at the expense of you and yours, you’ll act!

Just a little ‘tell’ that has appeared in the paper a lot lately is the suicide rate for US service personnel is the highest it's ever been…

What do you suppose the ‘red-blooded, conservative’ reaction to that news is…besides deafening silence?

Would it be something along the lines of ‘if they’re too chicken to fight for this country then maybe they’d better kill themselves?

Whoa, Silver!

Why would anybody be happy with being a ‘button man’ for a bunch of capitalist pigs who don’t give a fuck about you?

Like our Syrian soldier in yesterday’s post, he too had a ‘WTF am I doing?’ moment.

All I can say good citizen is it’s a damn good thing people are ‘basically good’ (with a huge ‘tolerance’ for ‘wicked’) or our species wouldn’t have made it this far.

And the race is far from over.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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