Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sympathy for the Devil

Greetings good citizen,

Must be ‘one of those days’. In what I would call a major gaffe, (You will never read one of my pieces where I refer to our species as ‘animals’…inferring, as in this case, that they are ‘mindless and needy’.)

Yet from the headlines of today’s NY Times we have this:
"As human beings are also animals, to manage one million animals gives me a headache."
TERRY GOU, chairman of Foxconn, which has more than a million employees worldwide but is using a growing number of robots.
Speaking of which:

The iEconomy
Skilled Work, Without the Worker

Robots far more adept than those now commonly used by automakers and other industries are replacing workers in both manufacturing and distribution.

I am sore tempted to type this in ‘caps lock’, the writer’s version of screaming but I’m going to ask you to simply imagine that I’m ‘screaming’ until I say otherwise:

[Scream on]

Hello, is anybody fucking home? This is what I mean when I say these assholes are blind as well as Deaf!

How much luck do you think Sparky would have selling his worthless bullshit to his fucking robots?

Because when it’s all said and done, that’s what’s left of the ‘paying economy’.

Who is raising these freakazoid capitalists to believe that money grows on trees and comes for divine entities that don’t need an income source?

Because there’s a name for this phenomenon, it’s called ‘counterfeiting’.

Not wanting employees is the same thing as saying ‘I don’t want customers’.


Did I forget to mention the close correlation between workers and commerce? Without workers there is no commerce (because you have eliminated the ‘paying customer’.)

Somebody remind me why we let these morons manage our affairs? (WTF!)


Perfect fucking timing, just received a phone call to verify that I received a pledge card for the Cancer Society…is THIS how they’re spending my donation? Even if we assume the sweet person on the phone was doing it out of the ‘goodness of her heart’, the phone call itself came from Michigan and must have cost a chunk of change as I live next to the frigid North Atlantic.

Again WTF!

Eliminating real jobs through automation to create, er, ‘idiot jobs’ like the phone call I just received is not the path to universal prosperity we so desperately need to switch to.

Note I do not say we need to ‘find the path’ to prosperity, it’s already right there before us…we need to step onto it but first we have to eliminate the greed heads blocking the way.

Have I mentioned lately that our civilization is severely ‘mismanaged’…although this has been true for time out of mind.

People just don’t ‘get’ the whole ‘money thing’.

Examples like the one above happen when the object of doing a given task is reduced to its monetary terms.


IT IS NOT AND CANNOT BE 'THE GOAL', yet our entire economic system is based on the opposite belief, that money is the 'be all, end all.'

If capturing large amounts of our ‘medium of exchange’ is all it took to achieve success, why not just run the printing presses until everybody had pockets overflowing with MONEY?

Is it because once you do something like that the whole ‘incentive to work’ flies out the window?

Giving money away destroys it.

Sucking all of the money out of the ‘bottom of society’ destroys civilization…and will destroy our species.

Which has no rational reason for happening save an elite group trying to destroy the government and its monopoly on the law.

There is one theory that explains this irrational behavior…and that’s so far off the reservation I refuse to go there, even if it’s true!

Unfortunately, good citizen, the more [evidence] I see, the clearer that one possibility becomes.

So as you lay your ‘little animals’ down to sleep, remember what their future employers regard them as.

I can only pray your mind rebels at the prospect.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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