Friday, August 24, 2012


Greetings good citizen,

The problem with posting late last night is it has left me with little material to offer this morning.

Not that there aren’t myriad topics ‘the media’ (pick one) is ignoring in favor of their other hobbyhorses.

Just watching the boob tube I see so many incidents where disinformation is being disseminated to the brainwashed masses.

Like the Romney commercial that basically blames Obama for the Bush economy, WTF?

I have no love for Obama but I have even less for the conservo-whackos.

Which is to ask if you really need this current ‘debate’ broken down for you in bite-sized pieces, it really is as easy as ‘Class War’, the >One Percent vs. the rest of us.

Tax cuts for the One percent, Austerity for everybody else.

I still marvel that an adult can tell me with a straight face what a ‘wonderful president’ Reagan was…although we really don’t have much to compare him against since I’ve been old enough to vote.

As far as I’m concerned, they have all sucked, big time!

And that pretty much sums up the general miasma affecting the public regarding the ‘wrong course’ this nation is on and our perceived ‘helplessness’ in creating a solution to this problem.

When we are led to believe that losers like Reagan are as ‘good as it gets’ it is small wonder so many of us believe our situation is ‘hopeless’.

I dunno how helpful it is for me to point out that the central stage of our lives is carefully choreographed to ‘exclude’ stand-out individuals (None of the >One Percent liked Roosevelt, worse, they didn’t see it coming either.)

That is why exemplary people are kept off the world stage, because the >One Percent fear to the core of their being another ‘class traitor’ like Roosevelt.

This is why we’re told ‘meat puppets’ like Reagan is ‘as good as it gets’.

Ironically, the >One Percent has already made it their mission to, er, eradicate the exemplary once they shit hits the fan.

The strategy is commonly referred to as ‘cutting the head off of the snake’
Which is to ask do I think I am one of these ‘exemplary people’?

And I will once again remind you, it doesn’t matter what I think, it’s what YOU think that matters.

Which is to opine that if you think a ‘B’ list actor like Reagan (his sole ‘claim to fame’ are the Bonzo movies…what you don’t remember Bonzo? Get the picture?) is as good as it gets, you keep right on believing, ironically, it’s the same reason stupid is permanent!

Then you have an idea as to the mentality of the people running this nation…and it’s pretty fucking pathetic.

But I would be remiss in not pointing out that the rest of the world follows our lead.

After all, we are the oldest existing government on the planet…

Something I think too few of you appreciate the implications of.

Um the worlds stock markets continue their downward lounge…except for the Dow a few moments ago, the rest of the entire fucking world is in the shitter; but not the home of the Masters of the Universe! The Dow (comprised mostly of banking/financial sector stocks these days) just turned positive!

Probably ‘Zeus’ flexing his muscles…while the rest of us watch in horror as our purchasing power circles the drain.

You know, not for nothing but I have often wondered about why you find people in some of the most hostile environments this planet has to offer. Why not just stick to the nice places where ‘living is easy’?

But I think we all know the answer to that one.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely!

People know asshole when they encounter them…and the smart ones run before there is a confrontation…

Which explains why you’ll find people living in some of the most inhospitable place on the planet.

Fat lot of good it did them, now those places are all the home of third world cesspools!

Worse, the developing world is cannibalizing the (allegedly) ‘developed’ world as people are kept in the dark about conditions in the allegedly ‘lesser developed’ parts of the world.

Case in point: The Discovery series Gold Rush is opening a new location in Guyana, SA.

Well, the man I wouldn’t follow across the street took his (much better paid than one would expect) crew and trekked into the desolation of the Amazon. Once there, Todd commented, people in third world countries would consider this place the third world…(yet the guy had ATVs to rent and they got there on a jet boat…)

So how ‘third world’ is the third world?

Well, their fucking GPS still worked!

Which is to say perception is key.

We’ve been led to believe that the rest of the world lives in grass shacks and mud huts but this is not the case.

You are being manipulated good citizen. The longer you do nothing about it, the worse your situation will become.

If you let them make you wallow in your own cesspool they will quickly come to the conclusion that you ‘prefer’ it there and inflict further indignities upon you, because YOU DON’T COMPLAIN!

[Not that they fear or even care about your complaints.]

It’s the fact that you don’t DO anything about being stripped of your standard of living.

Start burning down their factories and watch ‘em take notice…but a little fire won’t put the fear of ‘retribution’ into ‘em, you’ve gotta string a bunch of ‘em up too!

Again, I’m not telling you what to think, I’m just giving you something to think about.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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