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Greetings good citizen,

I thought there was something goofy with the Stock charts in the NY Times until I realized today is Saturday (duh!)

Lovely thing weekends…just one of the many things our new overlords are eager to dispense with.

You don’t need ‘leisure time’. Every minute you’re not working for them, you’re not making THEM money, so leisure time (for you) is OUT!

Just who will pay whom, what after we (the bulk of us) are enslaved remains a mystery?

Perhaps it will revert to the old standard where the holder of the most slaves will, by default, be declared ‘the richest’.

Notice how I am avoiding the ‘O’ word. Ownership is taboo (and will remain so) You Own property but you ‘care for’ people thus will our new owners refer to themselves as our ‘custodians’.

But I digress.

I was just admonishing you to enjoy your weekend (while you still can.)

Which is another way of belaboring the obvious, the destruction of our civilization proceeds apace…and is drawing towards its inevitable conclusion.

Um, I don’t usually do ‘current events’ but this morning’s announcement that Willard has picked PAUL RYAN, (author of the ‘Death to America’ tax program) as his running mate has assured us either an Obama victory or a revolt right after election day.

Which one will our overlords choose?

I’m picking revolt.

(Twisted old bastard that I am.)

And make no mistake about it good citizen, the election has, as of this announcement, become an unstated referendum regarding the busting of Unions altogether, the ‘liberation’ of >One Percent from anything resembling a sense of ‘social obligation' and the entrenchment of a culture of ‘permanent war’ in what passes for, er, ‘the (no longer ‘our’) government.

Heed the warning: 'Gird thy Loins’…(prepare for battle.)

How ironic is it that their goal is to inspire hatred of a government that they themselves ruined?

How moronic to think people will not attack those they perceive as responsible for the destruction of our civilization?

Probably no more so than the destroyers thinking they are ‘improving’ the playing field for the, er, ‘Master Race’.

Which is to opine that only those who are well paid to do so will graciously bow to our self proclaimed ‘betters’.

Now we shall proceed with today’s offering from Mr. Williams over at Shadow
No. 462: June Trade Balance, Consumer Credit
Subscription required August 9th, 2012
• Bernanke Bemoans GDP Not Reflecting Common Experience
• Trade Data Place Upside Pressure on Second-Quarter GDP Revision
• Consumer Credit Growth Remains All in Student Loans More ...
What do you suppose ‘Helicopter Ben’ is moaning about? Have we come full circle to the night and day differences between the >One Percent and the rest of us? Is he calling the conditions the >One Percent currently enjoy the ‘Common Experience?

And let’s take a closer look at that last note: How Consumer Credit is pretty much restricted to kids taking loans to study for jobs that don’t exist!

They should issue every kid in the US a copy of MegaTrends when they enter High School, that way they’ll know that they’ve been relegated to either making it onto the global police force or as a cog in the geriatric care machine.

Don’t get me wrong, I despise MegaTrends and all that it stands for. It is the quintessential Libertarian ‘Road Map to Hell’ and I’m looking forward to sending it’s author and a few others to ‘cha-cha with the Gila Monsters’ for their total lack of empathy.

(It goes without saying that the above ‘wishful thinking’ is predicated upon the successful adoption of A Simple Plan!)
No. 461: July Employment and Unemployment
Subscription required August 3rd, 2012
• Nixonian Unemployment Reporting
• July Household-Survey Employment Plunged by 195,000
• Annual Add-Factors in Birth-Death Model Upped to 548,000 Jobs
• July Unemployment: 8.3% (U.3), 15.0% (U.6), 22.9% (Shadow Stats)
• Shadow Stats Unemployment Within 0.1 Percentage Point of Cycle-High
• Year-to-Year July M3 Money Supply Growth Even with June More ...
I believe Mr. Williams also points to the record low ‘labor force participation rates’ which tell the true story of the crisis facing this nation and it’s corrupt and broken operating system.

Did you know that when they first tabulated the heinous ‘not in the workforce’ figures under Slick Willy there were only 56 million so designated?

How fucked up is it to see that figure now standing at over 80 million (and once you reach 65 you don’t count at all anymore!)

Which is to point out that the picture is far grimmer than you’ve been led to believe.

But you knew that.

How sad is it good citizen that old folks need money too?

And if you’re the adult children of today’s ‘old folks’ you know this very well.
No. 460: FOMC, June Construction, Disposable Income, PCE Deflator
Subscription required August 1st, 2012
• Fed Action Appears to Be on Hold for Systemic-Solvency Crisis
• Construction Spending Still Bottom-Bouncing
• Disposable Income Flattens Out More ...

We got into this mess by ‘massaging the numbers’ and as our clueless politicians have shown, they can no longer get away with ‘pretending’ everything is all right…

Although it seems Heilcopter Ben has a problem with ‘reality’.

If you only look at the > One Percent, everything’s just ducky!

Would that it were good citizen.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all crawl into our fantasy worlds and never come out?

Unfortunately the > One Percent is planning in sending as many of us as they can on a one way trip to a dirt nap, just as soon as they finish getting their own asses out of harm’s way.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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