Saturday, August 4, 2012


Greetings good citizen,

For the massive size of yesterday’s rally, today’s ticker indicates the Dow only added 20 points for the week.

However, if you look at the chart you would see that yesterday’s rally merely restored what the market had sold off the previous day.

Leaving us with the uncomfortable knowledge that theft is theft and the ‘paper rich’ have been robbing us blind via their control of the stock markets.

Which brings us to a much more vexing problem: But it’s only vexing if you think something should be done about it…and apparently most people don’t or worse, don’t know what to do about it.

And what problem is that? It’s finding yourself being held in a dungeon with no means of escape, never mind rescue.

The ‘dungeon’ is your life and YOU have lost all control over it.

This November they are going to dangle the keys to the dungeon in front of you but you already know one of the two, er, ‘candidates’ won’t lift a finger to help you. He’s been in a position to set you free for the last four years but so far the only thing he has succeeded in doing is sit on his thumb.

But wait! listen to ‘chucklehead’ make his case on why YOU should vote for someone you already know isn’t going to do Jack for you!
Instead of doing something practical to mitigate the harm that the U.S. does in the world – by voting for the person who might be less likely to overuse the U.S. military or who might restrain the emission of greenhouse gases – these folks sit on the sidelines basking in their perfection. They won’t make a call.

The hard decision is to support the imperfect candidate who has a real chance to win and who surely will do some rotten things but likely fewer rotten things than the other guy – and might even make some improvements.

I know that doesn’t “feel” as satisfying. One has to enter a morally ambiguous world. But that it is the world where many innocent people can be saved from horrible deaths (though not all) and where possibly actions can be taken to ensure that future generations are left a planet that is still habitable or at least with the worst effects of global warming avoided.

Um, I’d start by pointing out the people calling themselves ‘progressives’ MOST DEFINITELY ARE NOT in any way, shape or form Democrats.

The democrats are GONE, they no longer exist…which is to point out the obvious, the vast majority of us don’t even have a horse in the upcoming presidential election.

The whole electoral process has been hijacked by the >One Percent. There are NO ‘honest brokers’ in this contest.

And understand good citizen, governments are formed with the ‘EXPRESS PURPOSE’ of protecting the public from the predations of the Rich!

So what do you do…or more succinctly, who do you vote for when nobody in the race represents you?

Chucklehead says you should vote for the one who will do ‘the least harm’.

Makes you wonder if that was his thinking when W. was running for a second term?

Which all the proof you’ll ever need that the electoral process is corrupt beyond repair!

The fact that W. got a second term in defiance of all logic proves the electoral process is corrupt and in the control of the >One Percent!

What do you do when the government no longer protects your interests?

The >One Percent knew what to do, they ‘bought’ the government.

The question is how do we rid ourselves of a corrupt government?

Can we ‘vote them out?’

Can’t, the >One Percent owns the ballot box (actually they own who reports the election results…so it doesn’t matter who or what you vote for because the reporters are going to report whatever they guy who cuts their paycheck tells them to report!

And it IS ‘that damn simple!’

Because there is NO WAY you can prove that ISN’T what happens!

So are we ‘stuck’…are we doomed to be shackled under an unresponsive government?

Now you have to ask yourself if you want to live on you knees for the rest of your natural days.

And most of you are thinking, ‘if this is living on my knees then I don’t have it too bad.’

Even though, comparatively speaking, you live like an animal compared to the >One Percent.

Still, life on your knees is preferable to dying in just about any position…and you’re willing to put up with the ‘occasional frisking’ if that’s as bad as it gets.

But you already know it isn’t going to stop with friskings and being hassled about what you’re up to and why you’re outside. It will be the ‘disappearings’ that are going to eat you alive.

When people you know start vanishing and you know that they got picked up by the cops, then is when you’ll start wondering, ‘will I be next’?

The time to put your foot down is BEFORE ‘the disappearings’ start…try to organize resistance AFTER they start and you’re probably gonna get it.

So, good citizen, who do you think you’ll be voting for this November, Mr. Sat-on-his-thumb for four years or Mr. One Percent, who really only wants to be in the history books?

Not a real ‘inspiring’ set of choices, are they?

I wonder who the Socialists are running this November?

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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