Monday, August 6, 2012

Crazy Money!

Greetings good citizen,

In a decidedly disturbing start to the week the markets are picking up where they left off Friday, rallying irrationally.

You know, the more ‘fluff’ they build into the stock markets, the shorter YOU are going to get caught when ‘real world’ prices ‘adjust’.

But once again this is a hoodwink that carries the advantage of a ‘delayed reaction’.

You can see the market going up but you don’t realize what’s going down (or south) is your purchasing power!

And they can only drive food down so far. It is already ridiculously cheap; something that should have you seriously alarmed.

So as I keep (seemingly irrationally) tracking stock market performance there are indeed ‘other things’ we can glean from these otherwise meaningless numbers.

When will this ‘other shoe’ drop?

Dunno, but it’s a safe bet it will bare its teeth right before the election.

Speaking of ‘Indecision 2012’, let’s have a look at the long range forecast:
Today on Business Day Live: Readers respond to the migration of jobs from Nissan to the United States. | Marcus Samuelsson, the chef and the brand. | NASA's $2.5 billion adventure.
Is there anything more to the Nissan story than increasing profits by reducing a six thousand-mile long supply chain?

GE has lead the way with the on-shoring of jobs it previously off-shored (because under the tone deafness, they really are aware of the resentment building over the dismantling of America’s future.

People see what happened to the Brits (when their Empire folded up shop) and they’re thinking, No way Jose! A handful of filthy rich cocksuckers walked away with the UK’s wealth safely stashed away in ‘tax havens’ while the nation sinks into poverty.

I don’t believe GE or any of the other ‘former/nominal’ US based corporations have any plans of returning to the US. What we’re seeing is largely ‘smoke’.

GE’s Aircraft engine business group never left the US and is unlikely to as the future of air travel is, er, ‘dim’ at best. Just as the future of sea travel lies in its past.

We can skip the pathetic story about the celebrity chef, once again fucking capitalists glamorize one of the lowest paying professions there is to attract new (sucker) superstar wannabes!

What the knotheads ruining our civilization need is a nice cup of hemlock tea and an Oleander omelete.

Which brings us to our last entry, the Mission to Mars. Talk about schizophrenia, we have ‘theoretical physicists’ who make the case for colonizing Mars and we have planetary biologists who warn us that trying to colonize a planet without an magnetosphere is like trying to build a house in an x-ray machine.

We can live…more or less, BENEATH THE SURFACE of Mars and we would have to grow our food there as well…and I’m really doubtful as to how ‘healthy’ eating organisms that have never seen sunlight would be.

We MAY be able to culture something that resembles ‘sludge’ but there will be ZERO livestock, the Martian atmosphere won’t support it.

But the fucking capitalist don’t care!

He’s gonna get you to go by selling you a one way ticket off of the garbage dump he’s turned this planet into and you’ll buy it, thinking everything is ‘as advertised’ on your destination.

It won’t be until it’s too late to come home that you’ll realize you’ve been screwed.

And if things remain unchanged, ‘your’ government won’t lift a finger to help you, much less bring you home or prosecute the bastards who, er, ‘mis-represented’ what they sold you.

But I belabor the obvious…

Um, as a ‘counterpoint’ to headline regarding Wall Street further down we have this gauge of economic sentiment:
“The fiscal cliff is the primary driver of uncertainty,” said Timothy Powers, the chief of Hubbell Inc., a maker of electrical products.

Fearing an Impasse in Congress, Industry Cuts Spending

Executives at a wide range of companies fear paralysis in Washington will force hundreds of billions in tax increases and budget cuts in January, leading them to cancel new investments and put off new hires.
The largest customer in the entire world, bar none, is the US government.

So Republican’s tying a knot in Uncle Sam’s purse strings puts a world of hurt on not just the US economy but the world’s economy.

This is not a contradiction of my ‘all money is funny’ position…if you follow capitalist rules then money is real (but only when they want it to be real!)

[And the fuckers only want it to be real when they’re choking the shit out of YOU!]

So we have the money to go to mars but we don’t have the money to keep the space shuttle program running?

We have the money to fight two wars, rotating our volunteer army into a record number of suicides but we don’t have the money to build our own cars?

We have the money to pay unemployment for a year and three-quarters but we don’t have the money for single payer healthcare?

The money is funny all right because they DON’T have the money to do HALF of the things they’re doing…and it’s not stopping them!

Someone needs to remove these idiots from power before the blood starts to flow but sadly it’s already too late for that.

And what are the people responsible for driving our civilization over a cliff doing about their reckless behavior?
Security Start-Ups Catch Fancy of Investors

In the last year, the initial public offerings of once obscure security start-ups have outperformed the offerings from household names like Facebook and Zynga

Like I have said repeatedly, it’s not what they SAY, it’s what they DO!

This isn’t alarm boxes to private individuals or surveillance cameras to survivalists, these are elite 24/7 protection forces who will fly in with a helicopter and airlift you and yours to safety once the shit hits the fan, good citizen…

And like a fancy restaurant, if you have to ask how much, you can’t afford it.

Ironic that investors are piling into start-ups that have a very limited ‘window of opportunity’ although if you want your family to survive the bloodbath, you’d best be prepared to ‘pony up’ because it ain’t gonna be cheap.

The ‘trick’ will be owning enough of the company so you get yours gratis. Trickier still will be insuring that you don’t have to wait until everybody else has been served before you get yours.

Um, sorry about the late/early post, the natural conclusion of the recent death watch played itself out today and tomorrow…which is a warning tomorrow’s post is likely to be tardy also…

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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