Friday, August 3, 2012


Greetings good citizen,

Um, Stock markets around the world rose, again inexplicably this morning with the Dow (mostly bank stocks these days) rising over 200 points.

Did I mention ‘inexplicably’?

Or does the addition of pointing out that our leading stock indicator consists mostly of banking stocks lead us to the obvious conclusion…which is Fraud?

Um, just for the record they are pointing to THIS HEADLINE as the ‘explanation’ for today’s ‘market euphoria’ but 163,000 (mostly minimum wage jobs) don’t amount to spit!

Pace of Hiring Rose in July, but Jobless Rate Ticked Up

The economy added 163,000 nonfarm payroll jobs in July, the Labor Department said on Friday, a jump up from June’s figure of 64,000 jobs. But the unemployment rate rose to 8.3 percent.

The Caucus: In Jobs Report, Something for Everyone
Economix Blog: City Hall: Where the Jobs Aren't 10:16 AM ET
Worse good citizen, adding 163,000 jobs is doubly meaningless if the economy lost more than it added!

Which is to point out that there is some fucked up math in play if the economy supposedly added jobs AND the Unemployment rate ticked up too!

But Public information has been ‘suspect’ for a rather long time and, as time passes, the credibility of that information continues to fall…(raising the question of whether or not it is possible to fall through the floor? Because the floor keeps moving…)

Anyhoo, US stocks aren't the only beneficiary of the US jobs market windfall. Stocks across the Eurozone rallied on the same news…again, for no discernable reason.
Euro Watch
Jobs Data Bolsters Markets, as Dow Gains 200 Points
By STEPHEN CASTLE 44 minutes ago

The American jobs report on Friday helped bolster the markets, but the pressure was on politicians in Europe to act a day after its central bank deferred action on economic worries.

News Analysis: Draghi Edges Closer to Bond Purchases, but Hopes Are Blunted
Hopes are ‘blunted’…curious statement to make, don’t you think considering they are going to have one bitch of a sales job on their hands trying to pump that much ‘funny money’ into the Euro-zone in a feeble attempt to ‘save’ it.

The question here is, if the funny money remains ‘contained’, is it still funny?

You know the answer is Yes but the ill effects can be contained so long as nobody ‘leaks’ the money into general circulation.

History has shown us that once fabricated, money, regardless of how funny, WILL ‘leak’ into the ‘real economy’ (because the thieves don’t give a fuck!)

Weirdly, we get the same ‘takeaway’ here:
Errant Stock Trades Reveal a Risk That Few Anticipated

By rushing to get a program for trading stocks online, Knight Capital lost millions of dollars and created havoc on stock exchanges, reviving calls for bolder changes to a computer-driven market.

News Analysis: Markets Move Fast, but No Time to Think
DealBook: Trying to Be Nimble, Knight Capital Stumbles 6:52 AM ET
In a, er, feeble attempt to be quicker than the next guy these guy’s new software blew a bundle and (kind of like today) fucked up markets around the globe.

Which begs a second significant question: Are the world’s financial markets in the hands of competent, trustworthy individuals or is the world of money one gargantuan clusterfuck that is going to drive us all back to barter in an effort to control ‘value’?

Listen up good citizen, you had best get your hands on at least a modest quantity of ‘trade goods’ because we are RAPIDLY approaching the day when ‘money’, be it credit card or cash, will be NO GOOD.

Understand, only IDIOTS will be trading GOLD (and they’ll be asking all outdoors for even a speck of it, proving the initial statement

Although, after a week or so you should be able to swap fresh bread for gold with no arguments…funny how the value will plunge once people wake up to the danger holding gold represents after the collapse of civil order.

Only idiots will want it and only idiots will have it, a match made in Disneyland!

I was going to erase the last snippet but decided it provided a molecule of balance to today’s whacky, computer program manipulated markets:
Royal Bank of Scotland Records $3 Billion Loss in First Half

The British bank reported a net loss of $3.09 billion in the first half of the year after it took an accounting charge on its debt and other one-off charges.

This last headline provides us with quite a conundrum indeed. How do markets, now dominated by banking sector stocks, soar in value while the banking sector itself is bankrupt?

Can you say ‘somebody (most likely you) is getting ‘screwed’?

Take my warning to heart good citizen,

Get your hands on something tradable, you’re gonna need it sooner than you think.

PS. Don’t deal in anything ‘dangerous’ like precious metals and ammunition if you don’t have a well-trained, LOYAL back up staff AND a very secure facility.

A fool and his wealth will quickly come to grief…but you didn’t need me to tell you that.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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