Thursday, August 2, 2012

Buckle Up!

Greetings good citizen,

Seems to be something about the ‘kill off’ message that readers find too disturbing to contemplate.

Which is sort of a shame because finding it ‘distasteful’ doesn’t lessen the likelihood of it happening a single iota.

Make no mistake about it good citizen, YOU are being ‘undermined’ at every critical juncture. Every aspect of your life is being flushed away so you WON’T have a crack at the ‘mating game’…even if it’s just to scratch your itch.

(Because we have to face the reality that most kids are conceived not when we’re calling the stork but when we’re getting our freak on! By the time most of us get around to actually calling the stork, the doctor is needed to lend a ‘helping hand’. Do you know a married couple who ISN’T in a fertility program? And for some bizarre reason THIS is NOT NEWS!)

But we digress, let us proceed with today’s offering
Feelings of decreased self-worth and desirability go hand-in-hand with job insecurity—and they make you feel about as alluring as an Uglydoll. The 2011 blockbuster film Bridesmaids follows the sexual and romantic mishaps of Annie Walker, a 30-something woman who lost her bakery in the Great Recession and finds herself working at a dead-end retail job at a jewelry store that makes her feel miserable. And even that goes down the tubes when she mocks the relationship commitments of customers. Annie hooks up with jerks and feels unworthy of a nice guy when he finally comes along. Her mojo returns only when she begins to see the possibility of restarting her business. For her, meaningful work and a satisfying love life are indissolubly linked.

Our bodies –and our hearts -- were not made to cope with long-term job insecurity. To fully open ourselves to the right person and let go physically, we need a measure of safety in our lives. But three consecutive years of unemployment over 8 percent – the worst such run since the Great Depression – is leaving us fearful and forlorn. Shredded social safety nets and weak bonds of community and kinship mean that there’s little to mute the intensity of anxiety that never seems to fade.

It’s even worse than it seems good citizen, the kids are being told that we did this to them ‘on purpose’, that we gave birth to them solely so we could collect our ‘entitlement programs’.

Another reason we should ‘cap’ all registered Republicans on sight.
What a viscous fucking lie to tell our kids! (But it is sadly consistent with everything else these deluded bastards do!)

Minds that can only hate have no time or room for thinking.

Which is to point out it would be mighty fucking stupid of us to have all of these kids then EXPORT all of their jobs! (So Wally-Mart could charge ‘lower prices’ by paying less than a living wage in a third world economy based of rampant fraud!)

Worse, this practice has destabilized the global economy…and the fuckers (think) they are going to just sit there and snicker when it all implodes.

(I think the ones who aren’t smart enough to run should be killed where we find them!)

Not that the responsible parties are particularly obvious.

It will take some research to ferret out the people behind Adam Smith’s ‘invisible hand’…that robs us all blind!

Anyway, stock markets around the globe are bleeding red ink (again) and nobody is ‘surprised’ except stock analysts but that’s what their paid to do…

How nice is it, being paid to be Mickey the Dunce?

Stock markets should be shut down tomorrow and all of the operators tried for treason and crimes against humanity.

But that’s just my opinion.

And almost nobody gives a flying fig what I think…more or less.

Anyway good citizen, I’ve got crap to do and people to comfort in the hour of their loss…yes, the ‘death watch’ ended this morning. She’s gone to a better place!

Hold a place in your heart for a moment for the good souls who pass through our lives too quickly.

Only the good die young, the rest of us had best buckle up, it’s gonna be a long, bumpy ride!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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