Monday, August 27, 2012

Energy and its addicts!

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Markets are in barely positive territory for reasons as of yet unfathomable. Let it suffice to say the destruction of our civilization proceeds apace…

And it is the forces behind this destruction that are preventing desperately needed changes in our social psyche.

Fossil fuels were never ‘unlimited’ and we have finally reached a consensus that we are beyond the halfway point of consuming all there ever was.

One factor adding urgency to a deteriorating situation is our growing (and rapidly ‘Westernizing’) population.

If we don’t start switching to renewables soon there is going to be a major crisis.

Which maybe a bit ‘premature’, it appears we WILL experience a catastrophic financial meltdown BEFORE we are hit with a catastrophic energy shortage…

Ever wonder why, five years down the line that the only thing ANYBODY can think to do is ‘bail-out’ the banks?

Which is to ask the age old question, are they just plain stupid or do they think the rest of us are?

Um, not to go all shin-kicking or anything but this article (like most Alternet pieces) misses the mark by a wide margin.
We need an environmental movement that can put millions of people back to work, giving them the tools and the technologies they need to retrofit, re-engineer, and reboot the nation’s energy, water, and waste systems. Green-collar jobs can restore hope and opportunity to America’s failing middle-class and low-income families while honoring and healing the Earth. Those new jobs could create a ladder up and out of poverty for jobless urban residents. Under even the most depressing of scenarios, there certainly will be economic opportunities and green-collar jobs—from building dikes and levees and reconstructing devastated structures to installing community-owned wind turbines and operating renewable biofuel factories using regional feedstocks. The United States can fight global warming, energy scarcity, and poverty in the same stroke.

With 4 percent of the world’s population, the United States now produces 25 percent of the world’s greenhouse gas pollution. It also locks up 25 percent of the world’s prisoners in its domestic incarceration industry. Those numbers document the notion that too many U.S. businesses and political leaders govern as if we have both a disposable planet and disposable people.

As the new green economy springs to life, will we live in eco-equity or eco- apartheid? Will clean and green business flourish only in the rich, white parts of town? Will our kids be left to deal with the toxic wastes of polluting industries, the life-threatening diseases that decimate polluted communities, and the crushing lack of economic opportunity as the old polluting economy goes bust? How we answer these questions will impact the fate of billions of people.
The first thing this article suffers from is myopia, green energy will NOT make up the entire ‘new economy’.

The second thing this article ignores is ‘WHY’ nothing is being done about instituting ‘renewable energy alternatives’.

Do YOU know why (besides the bulk of the industry being based in China) green energy alternatives are ‘dead in the water’?

This ties directly to the irrational tendency of US (and foreign) auto manufacturers to persist in producing gas guzzling SUV’s and their doppelgangers, the ‘cross-over’.

(How friggin sad is it good citizen when the number of people a vehicle can bed down trumps its fuel economy?)

Why are these irrational policies persisting? Is Wall Street as deaf and blind as Washington?

You betcha!

Let’s roll the stock ticker back a few notches and have a look at why the richest people on the planet are rich.

The answer, invariably, is fossil fuels.

Why would the most powerful people on the planet ‘support’ alternative energy?

Short answer, they don’t.

But millions (if not billions) will die if we don’t convert to a sustainable energy source!

Talk to the hand little man!

This is that ‘entrenched power’ thing the feckless founders were always warning us about.

This shit was also completely preventable but the myopic greed heads didn’t want to lay down the necessary obstacles to what they thought their kids might be able to cash in on.

Add to this the disturbing episode of ‘Through the wormhole’ I saw last night. There the ‘opinion’ was expressed that people who felt they were not ‘in control’ compensated by ‘rationalizing’ their fears with conspiracy theories that were often the symptoms of mental illness.

How many of you think I’m mentally disturbed because I persist in pointing to a, ‘cartel’ that is controlling energy policy ‘worldwide’?

This is not the ‘Abra-cadabra brotherhood’, it is the ‘by-product’ of global capitalism!

Some nations have made great ‘progress’ in switching to alternative energy…because they don’t have a domestic source of fossil fuel under their control.

I fall back on the old standby, Just because (I am) you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they AREN’T out to get you!

But we digress.

The point I am making here is one where we will not, er, ‘enjoy’ renewable energy until the entrenched interests are uprooted and driven from their positions of power.

This will not happen until capitalism is replaced with a more equitable commercial system.

A Simple Plan, and idea whose time has come!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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