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Greetings good citizen,

Sorry for the tardy post, dealing with a frustrating problem with my vehicle, spent some serious dollars and it’s still not fixed.

Must not be looking at the correct factors…and trying to get information out of a dealer is futile.

Not that it particularly matters. Won’t need a vehicle after the shit flies and neither will pretty much anyone else.

What shit is that good citizen?

How about trying on a cascading systemic collapse for size:
China Confronts Mounting Piles of Unsold Goods

The severity of the country’s inventory surplus has been masked by the blocking or adjusting of economic data by the government.

Graphic: Chinese Sales Lag
Manufacturing in China Slows

No surprise here good citizen, even the stock markets tanked mightily today in reaction to this economic hard landing.

No customers has a way of causing these ‘gridlock’ situations.

Piles of finished goods nobody can purchase because they lost their jobs to offshoring…

This is ‘why’ the government (used to) protect the rest of society from monopolies

I think it is a valid question to ask why it no longer does…

But look at what’s coming after November’s ‘theft’:
News Analysis
Mitt Romney campaigned on Thursday in Hobbs, N.M., discussing his energy plan at Watson Truck and Supply.
Giving Reins to the States Over Drilling

Mitt Romney is proposing to end a century of federal control over oil and gas drilling and coal mining on government lands to court western voters and supporters from the energy industry.

Energy is sold on the ‘world market’ meaning no matter where it is found, the price per barrel is set on the ‘open market’ and it ‘doesn’t matter’ if you pumped it yourself, the retailers are going to mark it up to the current price per gallon regardless.

Thus is Willard’s plans for ‘energy independence’ full of shit!

In case you’re wondering (or are just plain absolutely stupid) the reason why energy continues to climb steadily is because the numbers of end users keeps growing!

It also reflects the fact that modern life itself is very ‘energy centric’ you use a lot of energy living a ‘western lifestyle’.

So what’s the Mittster really up to? He’s going to make all of the GOP wannabes sell the oil rights (even if there’s no oil) in all fifty states.

And in many cases this will be a massive fraud…but that’s okay, the justice system is already FUBAR! So none of these politicians will be ‘prosecuted’ for selling what isn’t theirs.

And why does the Mittster want energy independence (that is completely unachievable under capitalism?)
The first 2013 Cadillac ATS left the line at G.M.’s Lansing Grand River assembly plant in Michigan on July 26.
G.M. Has High Hopes for New, Smaller Cadillac

Three years after General Motors hobbled out of bankruptcy, it is betting that the new Cadillac ATS will become a global contender in luxury cars.

Rapidly vanishing from the global scene is the American Success story…probably why GM is headed back towards bankruptcy.

Apparently they can’t build a car that competes with the Japanese (for monopolistic reasons, they’ve already promised the Japanese our domestic business in exchange for being the ‘guinea pig’ for the bankrupting of western civilization.)

Mind you, ‘the deal’ is between their one percent and ours so everybody else is ‘scroomed’.

Until we start stringing up the one percent from the nearest lamp posts…

Bullshit says you…

You got a better explanation?

What you capitalist attack dogs don’t understand is you’re asking everybody else to commit suicide for your inability to comprehend the mechanics of rampant monopolism!

And naturally, you see nothing ‘wrong’ with this situation:
The company is trying to find ways to show lucrative ads to mobile users without cluttering up their hand-held screens and driving them away in frustration.

Bits Blog: Facebook Speeds Up iPhone and iPad Apps | Deal Will Allow One-Tap Purchases Through Facebook
Let me once again thank my lucky stars that I don’t have a facebook account!

How do such bright people keep coming up with such idiotic ideas?

Could it be because they aren’t particularly bright?

Facebook is proof of the dearth of investment opportunities.

And what we have here is the end result of the ‘death of creativity’:
Economix Blog
Big Income Losses for Those Near Retirement

The typical American between the ages of 55 and 64 has a household income almost 10 percent less than it was when the recovery began three years ago.

And this is shocking, why?

Talk about a generation of people who have had the rug pulled out from underneath them and they think the conservatives are the best thing to come along since sliced bread…

Because those worthless assholes really know how to ‘stand up for themselves’.

Which is to say I find it deeply disturbing that reasonably nice people support an ideology that is destroying their way of life.

Leading us back to the old saying, “Stupid is permanent, ignorance can be fixed.”

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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