Thursday, August 30, 2012


Greetings good citizen,

Ready for the annual ‘extravaganza’? It’s my Birthday…(and my twin’s; can’t forget her!)

If some of you are confused it’s okay, Gegner is male and has a female twin…not all that uncommon as there are three sets of male/female twins in my extended family alone.

What really screws people up is that I’m married to an identical twin (and no, since we BOTH have twin sisters, our twins are NOT married to each other…although it would be possible here in Massachusetts.

Speaking of ‘double trouble’, markets around the globe are swimming in red ink, likely because the latest spike in energy prices has caused the ‘tenuous at best’ recovery to be extinguished (again.)

Did I mention ‘gross mismanagement’?

Of course, that assumes that none of this is ‘intentional’…and I posit that it is, in fact, intentional!

Although I am fond of pointing out that our affairs are being (intentionally) ‘mismanaged’ by our self-professed betters!

Sorry about the full circle there but sometimes that’s what it takes to fully appreciate the spectacle as it unfolds.

This whole C-F is all about ‘perception management’ as demonstrated by the insane disconnect on display during the Republican National Convention.

How these criminals can face the nation and soberly intone that they are the only ones who can save us from their own disastrous policies is hypocrisy in its most odious form!

They truly exemplify what it means to be a psychopath (as well as being sociopaths!)

And no, the two terms are not mutually exclusive, it is possible to be both!

But the ‘mental state’ of what passes for our leadership is a topic for another post. Right now we have bigger problems (albeit brought on by the ‘diminished capacity’ of those who are our leaders as well as those who want to assume the role.

How fucking disturbing is it to you good citizen that the man responsible for our current plight and his ideological successor are BOTH card carrying members of the >One Percent?

What does that say to you about the current state of electoral politics in this nation?

How can a member of that class even HOPE to stand a chance of being elected and if he is, how does he expect to NOT have his legitimacy questioned?

To give you an understanding of just how much this stinks, over the past forty years we have had five Republican presidents and during that same period the number of people who ‘self-identify’ as Republican number at less than twenty percent.

How does a political party that only one fifth of the voters subscribe to puts their candidate in office five times out of seven?

Sure looks like broken ballot box to me.

Especially when the party in question represents the nation’s ‘rich minority’.

We WON’T accept that outcome.

Which is why they have their boy Obama waiting in the wings. His re-election is probably the only thing standing between a deeply troubled populace and a new civil war.

Although the ‘mouse’ we call the conservo-loonies has pledged armed insurrection if the incumbent receives another term.

And you know that is just ‘lip service’, the conservo-loonies love the man for saving them (temporarily) from the hangman’s noose.

(Um, in case you haven’t noticed, it’s my birthday and I am invoking my right to ‘rant’!)

Before we get too far afield, let me just quickly review these headlines:
Prosecutors Link Money From China to Iran

Prosecutors say they found evidence that banks may have been flouting United States sanctions against Iran.

Um, we have ‘prosecutors’ who go after sovereign nations who don’t ‘obey’ the imperial edicts of the mighty US empire?

Can you give me a WTF!

Consumer Spending Rose in July

The increase was the biggest in five months, offering hope that economic growth could pick up this quarter.

How come they never acknowledge the loud sucking sound of your pockets being sucked dry at the fuel pumps? Since when is this ‘magic?

Under the ‘no shit Sherlock’ category:
Wall Street Turns Lower 9:55 AM ET

And the beat goes on:
Carlyle to Acquire DuPont Performance Coatings for $4.9 Billion
By EVELYN M. RUSLI 6 minutes ago

The Carlyle Group has agreed to buy DuPont Performance Coatings for $4.9 billion in cash, as the private equity firm continues a deal-making binge.

Just another bite in the relentless pursuit of market share!

Remember, competition is ‘good’ for the Consumer…until there isn’t any, then you’ll pay whatever they demand…or you’ll do without…and the fuckers who stole your government from you will thumb their noses at you.

And lock you up for rioting if you protest.

Um, I’m off to ‘enjoy’ the rest of my day, Hope you have a good one too!


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