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Greetings good citizen,

I focus mostly on the ‘economics’ of our civilization so I can gauge our social viability although this has become an exercise in futility considering all ‘money’ is funny.

That’s right good citizen. Even the ‘intangible’ stuff you earn under A Simple Plan will be nothing more than part of an accounting system designed to facilitate resource usage planning…otherwise we’d do away with it completely.

Failure to plan is planning to fail.

Um, in that respect my posts have routinely been going further and further ‘off the reservation’ as the >One Percent uses their ability to ‘fabricate’ money on an ‘as needed’ basis, further widening the gulf between them and those compelled to ‘earn’ their meager sustenance.

It is circumstances like we face today that provide the strongest argument against counterfeiting.

It is also the reason you should hustle down to the nearest Kinko’s and start running off sheets of twenties, pronto.

You’re getting ‘left in the dust’ by the, er, ‘legitimate criminals.’

Again we take a closer look at the headlines from today’s NY Times business section:
On Wall Street, the Rising Cost of Faster Trades

The advantages of the nation’s increasingly high-speed stock market are under the microscope after a number of recent trading malfunctions underscored the risks that have come with rapid changes.

Geez, do you think they’re referring to all of that expensive electronic equipment or is it the software’s inability to compensate for the ‘front-running effect’ these systems create?

That’s what happened with Knights…their computer set off a ‘chain reaction’ by fucking up the trading algorithms used by other trading software.

Now the equipment cost a few bucks, no doubt…but the avalanche of bad trades cost a bunch more!

However, don’t be cozened into thinking this is the end of ‘front-running’ good citizen. It isn’t.

Worse, it will ultimately result in the end of trading.

Besides having to be a real chump to buy equities these days, being forced to pay more only adds insult to injury.

When a game runs out of suckers that game ‘ends’. Which is going to put one hell of a ‘dent’ in all of those 401k’s.

What are the boomers going to retire on when the NYSE goes ‘poof’?

If Romney/Ryan is elected, you won’t even have you SSI to fall back on!

And then (unsurprisingly) you’ll FIGHT!

But I digress, let us continue with more examples of ‘Capitalism at its finest!’
Giant Hospital Chain Creates a Windfall for Private Equity

Under private equity ownership, HCA made an aggressive push for more revenue that sometimes led to conflicts with doctors and nurses over concerns about patient care.

Same old, same old. We are saddled with the most expensive, poorest quality healthcare on the planet and the Republicans block every attempt to improve it, not that Romneycare is a true ‘improvement’…it has loopholes a mile wide!

But isn’t ‘Profits before people’ the new Republican campaign slogan?
German Small Businesses Reflect Country's Strength

The small and midsize companies of the Mittelstand will play a key role in determining to what extent the German economy will continue to provide a counterweight to the recession in southern Europe.
Um, why do you suppose small businesses in Germany are more successful than their European counterparts?

Could it be because the Germans are taught from a young age that German products are the best, putting an added emphasis on the basic fact that ALL ECONOMIES ARE LOCAL!

Failure to emphasize this fact has put the leaders of other Western nations, er, ‘behind the eight-ball.’
Euro Zone Economy Declines, Putting Pressure on Leaders

Growth in Germany in the second quarter was not strong enough to compensate for persistent recession in Spain and Italy, data released on Tuesday showed.
Once again I direct your attention to the crystal clear concept that it is IMPOSSIBLE to maintain an economy centered on the wealthiest One Percent (because all of your workers die or revolt and die!)

The idea behind Exile is to give the hopelessly stupid a practical example of what their lack of appreciation for those who actually DO things results in…by removing them from the environment they so cavalierly take for granted.

Retail Sales Gain for First Time in 4 Months

All major retail categories showed increases, a sign that consumers may be gaining confidence.
Consumers ‘regaining confidence’? What does THAT have to do with the irrational rising of energy prices which are included in the retail sales figures despite their being excluded from inflation calculations!

Can you say ‘Back to School’?
Municipal Bond Rule Mired in Legislative Limbo

The Dodd-Frank provision would require municipal bond advisers to put residents’ interests first but a House bill would eliminate the measure.
And, amazingly, the Republicans believe they are going to win in November? The question, good citizen, is will you be shocked enough to get off your dead ass and do something if the One Percent forces their will upon us (again)?

Factory closings by the Detroit automakers have lowered Canada’s vehicle production from three million cars and trucks a year in 1999 to 2.1 million last year.

Canadian Dollar’s Strength a Factor in Autoworkers’ Talks

Talks begin this week on a new Canadian Auto Workers contract as the three Detroit automakers have been scaling back their operations in Canada.
Um, people can’t afford ‘new’ cars, they are already ‘debt saturated’ and most of them are a single paycheck away from insolvency.

This ‘throttling’ of our civilization is untenable and will drive us to the brink of extinction.

Our (self-professed) ‘betters’ are fools and incompetents, both blind and deaf.

But I’ve rambled on long enough already,

Peace, good citizen.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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