Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Rich ARE 'different'...

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The nonsense markets are cliff-diving this afternoon as the Euro-zone continues its ‘death spiral.’

What’s that have to do with the price of tea in Boston?

Nothin…but it does leave us wondering about the value of the buck in our pockets.

Fitzgerald famously observed that ‘the rich’ aren’t like you and me…they were raised to believe differently than we do.

Which might explain why the billionaire who runs NYC is so out of step with reality.
Bloomberg would know how the free market works, after all--it apparently works by handing out millions of dollars of taxpayer money to big businesses so that they'll stick around and continue to pay low wages. FreshDirect, as we reported, got nearly $129 million in city money to stay in town, despite paying its drivers and warehouse workers around $8 or $8.50 an hour. (FreshDirect managed to get exempted from the living wage law anyway, as Council speaker Christine Quinn maneuvered to make it more palatable to business.)

Of course, Bloomberg is dead wrong on the merits--the "economic growth" that he claims to be protecting would in fact be boosted if New Yorkers could actually, you know, afford to spend some money. $8 an hour won't let them do that--nor, truly, will $10 an hour. A recent report from the National Low Income Housing Coalition recently noted that it would require 88 hours of work a week to afford a 2-bedroom apartment in New York working at minimum wage--the same minimum wage that Bloomberg thinks these workers, at massively tax-subsidized companies, should get.

Now ask yourself why a billionaire would think something STUPID like that? Doesn’t he KNOW the capitalist economy is falling apart BECAUSE of the ‘global race to the bottom’?

Or am I giving billionaire capitalists too much credit?

Because in order to make one billionaire you have to under-pay a whole shitload of workers!

And here’s a retard that underpays everybody…so they made him a ‘leader’!

And you have two guesses as to who made Mr. Bloomberg a ‘leader’…the rich morons who own the media!

Either these people are either stunningly STUPID (which will become their defense, they’re all gonna turn into Mickey the Dunce when they are prosecuted for crimes against humanity.)

Or they are mindblowingly greedy, greedy beyond our feeble imagination…greedy to the point of being ‘mentally ill’.

Which will be the other pillar of their ‘defense’.

Speaking of the very wealthy and their ‘mental defects’ we have this article from the libertarian leaning AlterNet

1. Higher taxes on the rich will hurt small businesses and discourage job creators
2. Individual initiative is all you need for success.
3. A booming stock market is good for all of us

We can add to that short list the other three most famous lies.
1. the check is in the mail
2. I love you
3. I promise I won’t…

The ‘toads’ of the well to do continue to parrot these lies because they want their ‘betters’ to see them as supporters, worthy of promotion instead of traitors worthy of the hangman’s noose…which is what parroting such nonsense will get one in the future.

The funny thing is how both sets of liars think feigning ignorance will save them. It will not.

So what are we to do while the world spins out of control and mismanagement becomes the watchword of the day.

Already mismanagement is being blamed for a power outage that has affected half of India.

Now, we are led to believe that this mismanagement is ‘unintentional’…just as the rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina has led to numerous incidents of ‘mismanagement’ which is why it’s still not done!

But hell they’re still rebuilding Haiti three years after the earthquake so who are we to complain?

Except if we look at it from a ‘what’s taking ‘em so long’ point of view. Now the greedy slobs are divvying up the charitable donations before doing any of the work!

And the fools donating to the charities don’t realize that only pennies on the dollar from any tax deductible donation actually goes towards reparations, the rest lines the pockets of the administrators, who are very well paid indeed!

In case any of you were wondering why the ‘very wealthy’ appear to be very ‘philanthropic’…it’s a vehicle where they can ‘recycle’ their taxable income into tax free cash and pay otherwise unemployable family members for doing nothing.

Yeah, the only way to become ‘truly wealthy’ is to be born to it.

All arguments to the contrary are merely smoke…for the peasants to consume.

Just something to ponder as you watch the world falling apart, just how well this ‘worship of the wealthy has worked out for the rest of us.

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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