Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fooled Again!

Greetings good citizen,

It appears the people have been ‘taken in’ once again. This time by the man who ran as an opponent of Austerity…just as Obama ran against the high-handed tactics of the oligarchs…before revealing himself to be one of their ‘lapdogs’.

Since this article was generated by the Corporate Owned Media it is hard to tell what the true ‘facts on the ground’ are here.

They very well could have had a funeral for a boy killed on a motorbike just as there very well could have been an incident of reckless driving that same night, but neither seem to have any connection to the riot.

The second sentence of the snippet below tells the real reason:
Hollande's government has identified the northern quarter of Amiens as one of 15 "priority security zones" across the country, which will be established from September.

The emphasis will be on tougher policing rather than on schemes to alleviate the impact of record unemployment and falling real incomes for the poorest sections of society.

Figures released Tuesday showed the French economy flat-lining in the second quarter of the year and most economists expect a further deterioration as Hollande's government cuts spending in most areas in order to reduce its budget deficit in line with eurozone requirements.

Trade unions battling job cuts across French industry have already warned of a "hot autumn" of protest unless the government eases up on the austerity drive.

Hollande on Tuesday promised a tough response to the unrest in Amiens.

"The state will mobilise all its means to combat these violent acts," Hollande said. "Security is not only a priority for us, it is an obligation."

Once again we see an opportunity to remind the foolish, those who would trade their freedom for security deserve neither!

What will these ‘law and order’ types do when the general public revolts in reaction to their implementing the austerity plans of the oligarchs (who surrender NOTHING.)

Up hold ‘the law’, even when it is the ‘law of man’ that is in direct opposition to the interests of the people?

Again, it is difficult to say which is more disturbing, the evidence that the ballot box contains NO SOLUTION to our oligarch problem or the fact that the government is now focused on fighting the very people it was established to protect?

This is serious bullshit, good citizen!

We too are rapidly approaching another ‘illusion of participation’ election cycle where we are being given one of the worst ‘non-choices’ I have ever seen.

The incumbent is a lapdog of the One Percent while the challenger is a bonafide member of the One Percent.

Worse, it appears as though our ‘overlords’ have already decided they’re going to ‘give’ the election to one of their own, the public be damned!

Once again playing their strongest card, the ‘what are YOU gonna do about it’ card.

Well, what ARE you gonna do about it?

Are you gonna cheer as Willard and his cohorts divvy up the Social Security trust fund among themselves via that corrupt paper shredder we call Wall Street?

When your benefits no longer cover your expenses and they throw you out into the streets (to die) it will be a piss poor time to decide you should have done something about the stolen election.

If you wait until you’re on death’s door to pick up a gun you’d best be intent on putting yourself out of your own misery.

It is beyond pathetic good citizen to KNOW that this coming November will be a test of the HOW STUPID ARE YOU question.

Worse, there are no ‘good’ choices in the US elections.

Makes you wonder if the people of France aren’t asking themselves the same question, just as the people of Greece and the people of Italy with their ‘bank appointed’ leaders.

You look at these factors and marvel over how anyone can believe that the Eurozone hasn’t already collapsed.

Is this just another example of the ‘How Stupid are you’ test!

But wait, it’s easy to keep up ‘the appearance of normal’ even if that’s only true for ‘the One Percent’. So the ignorant public is to be forgiven their mistaken impression that everything is fine ‘across the pond’ just as the peoples of the Eurozone remain blissfully ignorant of the everyday problems of the average ‘American’.

This is a perfect example of the old sod, ‘appearances can be deceiving’.

Things may ‘look’ all right but reality is a different story altogether.

Ironically, that clock is already running. How long it will take for reality to overtake the false impression being fed to us by the One Percent?

You won’t know until the One Percent are ready to reveal their deception.

But if you look closely, the signs are everywhere!

Thanks for letting me inside your head,


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